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I.D.E.A.L. Residential Portfolio

Individualized Developmental Experiences and Learning Residential

Helpful advice for completing your IDEAL Residential Portfolio

The IDEAL Residential Portfolio is a reflective project that memorializes a student's Eastern experience. The requirements of the portfolio span many weeks and are not something that can be done in one night or a weekend. We recommend that students that seek to complete an IDEAL Residential Portfolio write a rough draft immediately following one of the requirements and later in the semester or during the winter recess a student reflect, edit and finalize their reflective essay.

Portfolio requirements and useful resources

* Please include programs, fliers, copy of document, emails sent by ProStaff to verify your completion of each of these requirements.

Sample Reflective Essays

Roommate Expectation Form

On September 1, my two roommates and I met to complete our roommate expectation form. It took about 15 minutes to fill out, but it brought up a lot of good conversations about our expectations for one another. None of us have ever shared a room with anyone before, so it was great to talk about things like what time lights should be shut off, if we are sharing food, and when guests can come over. I feel better and am less nervous about living on campus now that we have these guidelines in place!

Attend an RHA Meeting

On November 14, I attended my first RHA meeting. I'm not really sure why I had never gone to a meeting before, but it was good way to meet people from the other side of the building who I don't usually see. I am definitely going to go to more in the future! During the meeting, we discussed the apparel we want to order for the hall. People had submitted designs in a contest and we voted on which sweatshirt we wanted. We also talked about upcoming RA programs in the building, damage billing, and buying new video games for the Wii. The floor rep on my floor is stepping down and I volunteered to take her place. I want to try to get more people from my hallway to come so we can have more people to vote on issues in the hallway. We also had free pizza!

Merit Awards for Best Class Portfolio

The top Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior IDEAL Residential Portfolio will be awarded the following prize:
1) Top Overall 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pick in the room selection process and can pick for their selected roommates (in the same future apartment). Students must fully complete at least 80% of the events to be considered for prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a student submit their IDEAL Residential Portfolio?

IDEAL Residential Portfolios are a compilation of a students Eastern Experience. Students are encouraged to create their portfolio with a binder or notebook as they will have to submit reflective essays and other evidence of each portfolio requirement. Requirements do not need to be completed in the order listed, but do need to be in the above order within the IDEAL Residential Portfolio with a table of contents and each page should be numbered.

If a student attends a program that awards Housing Priority Points and write a reflective essay as part of their IDEAL Residential Portfolio for the program do they still earn points?

If a program of any kind awards Housing Priority Points, students will earn those points in addition to up to 30 Housing Priority Points they earn for completion of the IDEAL Residential Portfolio.