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Housing Contract

 Click here to view the housing contract.

At this time, all residence halls are permitted to have one microwave per suite or apartment. Traditional residence halls (Burnap, Burr, and Crandall) are permitted one microwave per room.


Prohibited Items in All Residence Halls/Apartments

  • 3-D Printers
  • Air conditioners and space heaters (facilities staff can raise/lower the temperature in most rooms by request)
  • Air guns, paint ball markers/guns, fireworks, incendiary devices,
  • Amplifiers, electric guitars (can be used without amplifier if not during quiet hours), drums, etc.
  • BBQ grills
  • Cinder blocks
  • Darts and dart boards
  • Do not use double sided tape, self-stick hooks, duct tape, nails, screws, etc. on walls (painters tape should be used on walls and student can use thumb tacks on sheet rock walls in High Rise, Laurel, Low Rise, Noble, Nutmeg, and Shafer). Nothing can be adhered to/attached to any ceiling(s).
  • Drugs and alcohol, paraphernalia, shot glasses, bongs, vaporizers, hookahs, alcohol containers, etc.
  • Electric blankets and space heaters
  • Extension cords (only UL approved surge protectors are permitted)
  • Flags and tapestries hanging on/over/from light fixtures/fire safety equipment/pipes (one flag or tapestry per student, per bedroom, is permitted on the bedroom wall only, no larger than 3' x 5')
  • Halogen lights/lamps, lava lamps, heat lamps and octopus lamps with plastic shades
  • Recreational micromobility devices such as hoverboards, electric bikes, scooters, etc.
  • Incense, candles, tart/wax warmers, etc.
  • Laser Pointers
  • Live Christmas trees
  • Pets (except fish in 10 gallon tanks or less). Pets are not permitted to enter/visit any residence hall.
  • Self-stick lights, hooks, etc. cannot be adhered directly to any wall or university furniture/appliances
  • Official/public signs and street signs
  • Wallpaper
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Weight lifting equipment (dumbbells weighing 40 pounds or less are permitted)
  • Wireless routers
  • Water beds, wooden futons, personal furniture (couches/chairs)

Smoking is PROHIBITED in ALL Residence Halls

Prohibited Items in First-Year Residence Halls

  • All cooking/heating appliances (toaster, coffee pot*, hot plates, rice cooker, etc.)
    *Keurigs and blenders are permitted in all residence halls.

Prohibited Items in Non-Kitchen Halls

  • All cooking/heating appliances (listed above) are prohibited in Niejadlik Hall with the exception of a microwave in the common area and Keurigs.
  • Cooking appliances are permitted on the 1st and 2nd floors of Occum in the kitchen area only