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Housing Selection for 2024-2025

Housing Selection is the process for students currently attending Eastern Connecticut State University to participate in and choose their on-campus housing assignments for the upcoming academic year. This process is broken down into these main steps:

  • Complete the Housing Selection Profile: Application & Deposit
  • Priority Points Finalized & Audited
  • Roommate Matching
  • Receive Your Pick Time
  • Housing Assignment Selection

Continue below for more details, deadlines, and directions for each of these steps for the upcoming Housing Selection Process.




Due: Sunday, March 31, 2024
Housing deposits and applications submitted by students eligible for housing after this deadline may result in a later Pick Time, or if submitted after the Housing Selection Process ends will result in an administrative housing assignment placement over the summer break.

$250 Non-Refundable Housing Deposit
All current students who plan to participate in Housing Selection must submit a non-refundable $250 housing deposit BEFORE the deadline posted above. Students eligible for Housing Selection who submit their housing deposit after the deadline published above may still be added to the process, however it may result in a later Pick Time. Housing deposits submitted after the Housing Selection Process ends by students eligible for housing will result in an administrative placement over the summer break.

Housing deposits are submitted using eWeb (found in Eastern Apps). Please visit the Housing Deposit Payment Instructions website for a step-by-step guide on completing this requirement.

PLEASE NOTE: Financial Aid, Loans, Scholarships and payment plans cannot be used to pay the housing deposit. Payment can be made in cash, check, nomey order, or online using various methods such as bank account transfer, debit, and credit cards (including Visa) through the student's eWeb account. The housing deposit is not subject to credi card transaction fees. The Housing office will not accept housing deposit payments. If paying online, please be sure to pay it as a deposit and not as a regular payment to the account, otherise it will not show up as a housing deposit.

Housing Application
All students interested in housing are required to submit their housing application in the MyHousing Portal (found in Eastern Apps). The housing application is how students sign and agree to the policies, terms, and procedures found in the Housing Contract.

Students can create a profile and list their preferences on their application. Please note that residence hall or roommate preferences listed on the application are NOT substitutions for the roommate matching process or housing assignment selection process, and do not have influence on what will be available to you for selection or placement.

To access the Housing Application and MyHousing Portal, remember:

  • You must use either Google Chrome or FireFox as your internet browser. The MyHousing Portal is NOT compatible with Safari or Edge.
  • Disable your pop-up blocker.
  • Login to Eastern Apps.
  • Click on the icon of a house for the MyHousing Portal.
  • In the MyHousing Portal, click “Applications”.
  • Select the application for the upcoming academic year.
    • Read and sign the Housing Contract
    • Add personal preferences.
    • Enter your permanent address and emergency contact information.
    • Enter your residence hall preferences.
      • Remember: This does NOT guarantee you a bed in the hall(s) you list as most preferred
    • Once your application is successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation message and a confirmation email to your Eastern email.

If you experience trouble accessing the MyHousing Portal or eWeb, please contact the HelpDesk at 860-465-4346, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.



Last Day to Earn Points: April 1, 2024 
Priority Points Email from Housing: April 5, 2024 
Priority Points Audit Window: April 8-11, 2024
Priority Points Locked: April 12, 2024

Since move-in day, residential students have been earning Priority Points for their academic achievement and campus involvement. Points earned by April 1st of the academic year will determine the order students choose next year’s housing assignment. The more points earned, the closer to the first pick time a student will be. Visit our Priority Points website for a full description of how points are earned.

Students will receive an email from Housing on the date published above with their final breakdown of Priority Points earned. If a student detects inaccuracies in the points they’ve earned, they’ll be able to audit and appeal them with the campus partner who oversees the tabulation of those points during the audit window dates published above. If an inaccuracy is found, the student’s points can be updated. Priority Points are locked in and cannot be updated as of the Friday before the Roommate Matching Phase of the process.

REMEMBER: When students match as roommates, their Priority Points will be averaged together to create one group Pick Time later in the process.



April 15 – 18, 2024

Students who have applied for housing, submitted their deposit, and remain eligible for the Housing Selection Process will be able to create their roommate groups in the MyHousing Portal so that they may choose a housing assignment together. The roommate matching system will open in the MyHousing Portal during the dates lifted above. Listing a student as a preferred roommate on your housing application does NOT match you with that roommate.

Before Matching as Roommates:
It is important to consider who would be a good fit as a roommate. We strongly encourage students to have honest and open conversations with one another to find if they would be compatible as roommates before going into the roommate matching part of this process. Some questions you should consider when thinking about who you are going to be living with next year include:

  • Do you want to live in the same residence hall next year?
  • How do you plan to schedule sleep, study, and social time in your room/suite/apartment?
  • Do you have any unique quirks a roommate should be aware of?
  • When are you okay with guests coming over?
  • How do you communicate that you are upset with someone or something?
  • How will you share the chores to keep your space clean and tidy?

It is also important that you as a roommate group talk about how you’ll break up into smaller groups in case there are no rooms available to accommodate your roommate group size during your pick time. For example: if you are in a group of 4 students, but all rooms with 4 beds are filled, you will have to break up into smaller groups so that you can choose a room that has the beds needed to accommodate you.

“I Can’t Find My Roommate”:
During roommate matching, you will only be able to match with other students who are eligible for housing selection. This means that if you have trouble finding your friend to match with, it’s possible that they either did not apply for housing, did not submit their deposit, or have a hold on their account preventing them from eligibility.

“I Don’t Have Someone to be Roommates With.”
Students in the process are not obligated to create roommate groups. Instead, they can proceed through the process independently, eventually selecting a space where they’ll be living with other students next year. After beds are filled, students will be able to see who their roommates are in the MyHousing Portal and can start the conversation with one another immediately.

After Matching with Roommates:
When a roommate group is formed, all their Priority Points are averaged together to create one group Pick Time. If during room selection, the roommate group must break up, a member from each smaller group would need to login to choose their own room.

If you do not create a roommate group, you will keep your individual Priority Points and your own Pick Time.

Directions on how to search for and match with roommates will be emailed to participating students the Friday prior to the Roommate Matching Process starting. CLICK HERE for a picture tutorial.


April 19, 2024
On the Friday before Housing Assignment Selection Week students will receive an email in their Eastern inbox to check their MyHousing Portal to view their group Pick Time. The Pick Time is when a member of the roommate group will login to the MyHousing Portal to view what beds are available to choose from. Once Pick Times are posted, newly formed roommate groups will not receive a group pick time. 

Once Pick Times are published in the MyHousing Portal, they are non-negotiable and cannot be changed. They are automatically generated in the MyHousing Portal using the Priority Points earned by individual students OR the average Priority Points in a roommate group.

Pick Times will be scheduled between 10:00am and 4:00pm during Housing Assignment Selection Week.


April 22-25, 2024
Housing Assignment Selection Week is 10:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Thursday on the dates found above. During this week, a member of each roommate group will login at/after their Pick Time to view the housing assignments available that can accommodate their roommate group.

REMEMBER: There is NO GUARANTEE that you will be able to select a room in the hall you most prefer, nor is there a guarantee that that there will be one suite or apartment on campus to accommodate your group size. Please go into this part of the Housing Selection Process with a plan (ie. what other halls are you going to live in, or how will you break up your roommate group into smaller groups), and managed expectations. 

Traditionally, our most popular halls are Laurel Hall, Nutmeg Hall, High Rise and Low Rise. We do not have enough beds in these four areas alone to accommodate the anticipated number of students in the entire Housing Selection Process. With this, it is important that participants go into the process with managed expectations and understanding that other residence halls on campus are great places to live.

Directions on how to view and select available housing assignments will be emailed to participating students.


Eastern has moved to an annual housing contract. Any student who requests housing for the fall semester (by paying a non-refundable housing deposit, submitting the housing intent survey with the intent to return [for current residents only], or by submitting a housing application), have only until June 30th to cancel your request for housing to be released from the contract. After that date, a student can submit a Housing Contract Cancellation Request Form, which will be reviewed by a committee to determine whether the student will be let out of the contact. If a student is not released from their contract, the student will remain assigned to housing for the academic year and all housing charges will apply.

Learn more about the Annual Housing Contract

To gain eligibility for Housing Selection OR Housing Placement, students must:

  • Meet the Housing Application and Housing Deposit deadlines listed above.
  • Have no Bursar Holds on their account.
  • Have no Student Conduct Holds on their account.
  • Be registered for the upcoming fall semester courses.
    • For advising and registration dates, CLICK HERE.
    • All students in the 2024-2025 Housing Selection Process will have the opportunity to register for classes before Pick Times are released on April 19th.
    • Students who are NOT registered for fall classes before April 19th will not receive a Pick Time and will be administratively removed from roommate groups and the process.
    • Students who register for classes between April 19th and April 25th may be added to the Housing Assignment Selection Process, but their pick time will be after all other pick times of students who satisfied all requirements prior to the April 19th

Students who cannot participate in the Housing Selection Process include:

  • Students who do not satisfy requirements by the deadlines above.
  • Students who have a Bursar Hold on their account.
  • Students who have a Student Conduct Hold on their account.
  • Students who are not registered for classes in the upcoming fall semester.

It is highly recommended that students with a medical or mental health related housing accommodation have their 2024-2025 accommodation process started with the Office of AccessAbility Services no later than March 1st and finalized before April 1st. This is to best ensure that the Housing & Residential Life team can place a student in a space that most reasonably meets their needs. A few items to consider for housing accommodations include:

  • Students whose only accommodation is for either an emotional support pet or only for access to a kitchen will not be placed in a housing assignment; instead, they will choose an available housing assignment during their pick time. Students with only an accommodation for a kitchen should not assign themselves to Niejadlik Hall.
  • Students with an accommodation that requires placement may choose one (1) roommate to be placed with.
  • Students with an accommodation that requires placement who are also eligible for housing (submit their application and deposit, and do not have any holds on their account) can expect to be placed in housing between April 1st and when Pick Times are published.
  • Students with an accommodation that requires placement will be placed in housing in order of their Priority Points earned. Priority Points earned will be considered in where a student is placed on campus.

Commuter students are welcome to participate in the Housing Selection Process, if the steps above are followed and are eligible for the process, however, because they do not earn Priority Points, they will receive individual Pick Times after returning residential students who are returning to housing next year. Instead, commuter students will receive Pick Times in the order their Housing Deposit is received. Commuter students may join roommate groups that are made of returning residential students, however them not having Priority Points will lower the roommate group’s Priority Point average, resulting in a later Pick Time for the group.

Gender inclusive housing is open to any student who would like to live with other students of differing gender identities regardless of their assigned-at-birth sex. Students may disclose their interest in Gender Inclusive Housing on their housing application as they see fit, and they may build their roommate group to their choosing during the roommate matching phase of the process. There will be rooms/suites/apartments designated for Gender Inclusive Housing across all of campus to reflect the Priority Point ratio across all students. This means that Gender Inclusive Housing does not guarantee selection or placement in a specific hall or area.

Students who do not elect to live in Gender Inclusive Housing and would rather live with other students who match their assigned-at-birth-sex will not be able to select a space that is designated for Gender Inclusive Housing. Additionally, if a roommate group of the same assigned-at-birth sex selects a suite or apartment, but there are empty beds, the other beds in that unit will be filled by other students who match their assigned-at-birth sex.

Students interested in 21+ Housing for the upcoming academic year will be able to indicate such on their housing application. To be eligible for 21+ Housing, where the privilege of responsible alcohol consumption can be enjoyed, everyone in the selected room/suite/apartment must be at least 21+ years old by the first day of the fall semester. If a member of a roommate group, or if someone in a unit is not 21+ years old by the first day of the fall semester, the unit will not be 21+ Housing eligible until everyone in the room/suite/apartment are 21+ years old. This means that 21+ Housing does not guarantee selection or placement in a specific hall or area.

Students enrolled in the Honors Program at Eastern Connecticut State University will receive a message from the Director of Housing & Residential Life inviting them to join Honors Housing for Upper-Level Students in Nutmeg Hall. If you are in the Honors Program, you must answer the invitation to join this housing community; automatic placement in Honors Housing does not occur for upper-level students.

This housing options is only offered to students in the University Honors Scholars programs. All roommates in such an assignment must also be part of the program to be eligible for placement.

Upper-level students who submit their housing application and housing deposit, who either did not choose a room during the Housing Selection Process or they become eligible for housing after the process closes will be administratively placed in an available housing assignment after May 1st and over the summer break. There is no guarantee that a student will be placed in the residence hall(s) they list as most preferred, but efforts will be made to place students in the areas available that are most comparable.