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During the fall of 2019, over 1300 (5%) residential students participated in our Perception of Housing Assessment and 81% of those students wanted housign options for 21 and older residents where they could consume alcohol within their apartment. Starting in the fall of 2020, the University created such options where students who are 21 and older can responsibly consume alcohol.

Please see below for some Frequently Asked Questions and click here for the brochure.

Why are there a 21 and older housing options?
We surveyed students who left housing at the end of the spring, 2019 semester to see why they left, and alcohol was a factor for many of those students. Students 21 or older feel they should be able to consume alcohol on campus, and for some of them, it may have kept them from leaving campus. We use those surveys to try to make programmatic and policy changes in order to increase student satisfaction and retention within the residence halls. Keeping students on campus is beneficial for both students and the University, and if this pilot program increases the retention of students in the hall, and keeps them from moving off campus because of the alcohol policy, the University has decided that a pilot program is the best way to test and see if this is what students want and if it will work.

Where are the 21 and older housing options?
All upper-level residence have options for 21 and older housing. While there is no desingated residence hall exclusively for 21 and older housing, students can request to be approved to have their apartment or suite named a 21 and older unit as long as all students living in the unit are at least 21 years old.

What students are eligible to live in 21 and older housing?
Before an apartment or suite can be approved for alcohol presence and consumption, all residents living in the unit but be at least 21 years old AND all students in the unit must pass an online alcohol safey course. After these criterea are met, the unit may be approved for responsible alcohol consumption.

What if one of our roommates are not 21 years old or older?
If any student assigned to an apartment or suite is not at least 21 years old, no one living in the unit can be approved to have alcohol there. All students living in the unit must be at least 21 years old AND they must all pass an online alcohol safety course. Once all studnets in a unit are at least 21 years old, they may request to be considered to be a 21 or older housing options.

Can athletes live in 21 and older housing?
Yes, as long as they are in an apartment or suite where all students are at least 21 years old, all pass the online alcohol safety course, and the unit is approved for 21 and older housing.

How will Housing Selection work for 21 and older housing?
It is up to the students in a roommate group to ensure that all will be at least 21 years old and select a space available during their pick time. There will be no special or designated 21 and older housing selection process and all interested in such housing will participate in the process with all other students. After Housing Selection, the Housing team will reach out to units who meet the age requirement and be offered the opportunity to request 21 and older housing consideration. 

Can I participate in this process if I am a current commuter?
Yes. Current commuters can participate in this process if they meet the deadline for the non-refundable $250 housing deposit and complete the housing application.

How is my pick time determined?
Current residential students will have their pick time based on their Priority Points they have earned. Current commuters points will be based on their GPA and earned credits. Prioirty Points in a roommate group will be averaged together to create one pick time for the entire roommate group.


Does my past judicial history affect my ability to live in 21 and older housing?
Only in terms of the number of Priority Points earned for your judicial history. Students with past judicial history are eligible for 21 and older housing if they are eligible to live on campus.

Are there additional fees to live in 21 and older housing?
No. However, there may be additional damage billing depending on student behavior/damage caused by students in the hall, same as all other halls.

How does the housing contract cover 21 and older housing?
The housing contract remains in effect for all areas on campus, as well as a required supplemental contract for the 21 and older hall.

Will there be an additional contract for students in 21 and older housing?
Yes. Students will be required to complete a supplemental contract that covers topics/concerns specifically for 21 and older housing

Are there additional requirements for living in 21 and older housing (training, education, etc.)?
Yes. The additional contract requires on-line educational training on subjects like social host laws, binge drinking, responsible alcohol consumption, etc.

Is there a guest policy for this hall? If so, are there any restrictions?
The guest policy for 21 and older housing is the same as all other halls. Guests must be escorted at all times and when a minor is present in a room/apartment, there can be no alcohol present.

What happens if I am drinking and a roommate brings in someone under 21?
You will need to immediately put away any alcohol or risk being in violation of the contract and may face removal. Communication with roommates will be key to ensure that no alcohol will be present while minors are visiting.

What will happen if I am found responsible for an alcohol violation of the Student Code of Conduct?
Students found responsible for a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, or Housing Contract(s) may be rhave their alcohol privileges revoked and the entire unit will lose their 21 and older housing designation, depending on the specific violation.

How are students removed from 21 and older housing?
Students are removed for violating the terms of the housing contract and/or the supplemental contract required for this hall. This can include, but is not limited to, providing alcohol to minors, having alcohol present when minors are in the room/apartment, bringing in more than the allowed amount of alcohol per person, etc.

If I am removed from this hall for violating the contract, can our apartment or suite be redesignated as a 21 and older housing option?
If a suite or apartment is removed from the 21 plus housing roster, the students affected must wait a full semester before they will be permitted to attempt to have their priviledges reinstated.

Can students drink alcoholic beverages in common spaces?
Alcohol can be consumed within the student's bedroom and apartment common spaces. Alcohol cannot be consumed in hall common lounges, game rooms, hallways, etc.

Are there limits to how much alcohol we can have in the apartment?
Yes. Students are limited to the following alcohol per person in the graph below. Common source alcohol containers, such as, but no limited to kegs, beer/party balls and boxed wine are not permitted. Alcohol infused food is not permitted. Limits are listed below:
Beer, 1 six-pack of beer/malt liquor (72 oz.), OR Liquor, 16 oz. (473mL or 1 pint), OR Wine, bottle of wine, 28 oz. (828mL or 1.75 pints).

Do I need to check in my alcohol when I bring it into the building?
No. Students are required to follow the limits per person when bringing alcohol into the building.

What does Health and Safety criteria entail for residents who are 21+?
Health and Safety Inspections will continue with no changes for this hall.

Can I have alcohol in my room/apartment all semester/year?
Yes. Alcohol is permitted to be in your room/apartment from the time you move into the hall and must be removed at spring closing.

Are alcohol containers permitted to be kept as decorations?
No. The housing contract does not allow for alcohol containers to be kept after consumption. Bottles and cans must be disposed of immediately in the proper receptacles. If found in your apartment and they are over the allowed amount, students will be documented and risk removal from the hall.

Are drinking games allowed?
No. The housing contract does not allow for drinking games.

Are we able to make food with alcohol in this hall?
No. Alcohol infused food, such as, but not limited to Jell-O shots, vodka infused gummies, etc. are not permitted.