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Hands-on Learning

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In addition to internships, undergraduate research, service opportunities and global studies, Eastern students also gain practical experience as Social Work majors (practica); Early Childhood Education, Education and Physical Education majors (student teaching and other clinical experiences); Art majors (art exhibitions in Eastern’s Art Gallery); and Music and Theatre majors (on- and off-campus performances).

Students also gain valuable skills in more than 700 on-campus employment opportunities. Student clubs and other on-campus experiences add to the hands-on approach to learning at Eastern.

Apply Your Learning!

Eastern students apply the theory gained in class in hands-on experiences ranging from internships with insurance companies to faculty-mentored research, service-learning courses at local nonprofits and study trips to Italy and other locations around the world, as well as student teaching, practica and more. Find out how Eastern students prepare for careers with hands-on learning!

Hands-on Learning

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