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Priority Point System

Priority Points Tracking Sheet

The Priority Point System (PPS) was designed to reflect Eastern's Core Values:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Engagement
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Social Responsibility

Priority Point Categories: Students earn points in the following areas:

Academic Excellence & Engagement
Students earn one point for every credit on their transcript as of April 1 with a maximum point total of 90. This category is capped at 90 credits to reward students for progress towards their degree, but to avoid giving an advantage to students who may need to live on-campus beyond four years.

Academic Excellence
With a focus on academic excellence, this value is determined by taking a student's cumulative GPA and cubing the value.

Housing Programs
Engagement, Inclusion & Empowerment
With research indicating that learning occurs outside of the classroom, students earn one point for each housing educational program and half a point (.5) for each housing social program they attend. Peer Success Group participation earn one point. Housing programs that are eligible for priority points will be labeled appropriately on program publicity.

Center for Community Engagement (CCE) and Housing Community Service Programs
Social Responsibility & Engagement
Community service benefits both the volunteer and the community. Each CCE and housing community service program will be worth a minimum of one point. Longer community service programs often have a greater impact on the community and volunteer and are worth one point per hour of service (commuting time does not count). All community service programs that are eligible for priority points will have the point value indicated on its publicity. Students must sign in at each event on the CCE sign-in sheet in order to earn points for housing.

Conduct Score
Integrity & Social Responsibility
Living on-campus is not a right, it is a privilege. Living in a community demands that students be responsible for their actions and act with integrity. Therefore, all students can earn up to 20 points for how they conduct themselves at Eastern. Students who do not violate the Student Code of Conduct at all will earn 20 points. Those who are found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct once will earn 15 points, those who are found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct twice will earn 5 points and those who are found responsible for three or more violations will not earn any conduct points. It is possible to lose all conduct points based on the severity of a single violation.

Campus Participation

  • Attendance at CAB events will earn students half a point (.5) for each event.
  • Attendance at Unity Wing programs (Women's Center, Pride Center and Intercultural Center) will earn students half a point (.5) for social programs and 1 point for educational programs.
  • Varsity athletes can earn up to 45 points for participating in Eastern's Varsity Athletic Program (15 points per team). There is a cap at 45 points regardless of participation on more than three teams (student must be on team rosters).
  • Involvement in SGA funded student organizations earns a student up to 20 points (5 points per club per semester). There is a cap at 20 points (student must be on club rosters).
  • Students can earn up to 15 points for participation in LEAP Cohort. Points are assigned at the discretion of the LEAP staff based on active participation as of April 1.
  • Students can earn up to 3 points per sport (capped at 15 points) for participating in intramural sports. Students can earn 1 point for a single day event.
  • Students can earn up to 30 points for successfully completing the IDEAL Residential Life Portfolio by the posted deadline in the spring semester. Complete information can be found here.
  • All participating residents (attended Warrior Cup programs) of the residence hall that is in first place with the Warrior Cup competition as of October 1st, November 1st, December 1st, February 1st, March 1st and April 1st will receive 5 points.

Residence Hall Leadership
Engagement & Empowerment

  • Students can earn points for participation and attendance at Residential Hall Association (RHA) meetings in their residence hall (1 point per meeting). Student must appear in meeting minutes/attendance roster.
  • Students elected to E-Board positions for their residence hall, Theme Housing, or University Residential Outreach Council (UROC) can earn 20 points for being President or 15 points for being Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations or UROC Representative. Points are assigned at the discretion of the Hall Director/Advisor based on active participation and completion of the responsibilities of the office. Points are assigned only to those students serving in these positions on April 1.
  • Students can earn points for participation and attendance at University Residential Outreach Council (UROC) meetings (1 point per meeting). Students must appear in the meeting minutes/attendance roster.

Service to the University

The University recognizes the many different ways students can be involved within our community by working together for a common goal. This category allows Eastern faculty/staff to apply to have an experience earn points for students on a case by case basis. Applications are available at Requests are not guaranteed and will be based on the experience, the benefit to the University community, and the time commitment involved. Experiences in which a student receives any financial compensation are not eligible to be considered.

New Spring Residential Students
Students who enter housing in the spring semester will be given a package of points to account for the fact that they were not here during the fall semester. If they do not have a GPA because it is their first semester at Eastern, freshmen will be given a GPA of 2.8, and transfer students will be given a GPA of 3.0. The package of points is based on the average number of points earned in the fall for Housing educational and Housing community service programs. Lastly, students in this population will be credited for any Housing educational or Housing/CCE community service programs that they attend in the spring semester prior to the April 1 deadline.

Priority Points do NOT roll year to year, with the exception of cumulative GPA and Credits earned. All other categories start at zero the next year. Only residential students earn and use priority points for housing selection.

Room Selection

All current residential students who wish to live on campus for the following academic year must participate in the Room Selection process. During this process, eligible residential students will have the opportunity to match up with roommates/ suite mates and choose their fall housing using our online housing selection software. The rank order and participants' pick time is based solely on
their earned priority points score for that academic year until the April 1 deadline. This room selection process is only utilized for current residential students and approved students studying abroad or on National Student Exchange.

Room Selection Process

  • Residential students earn priority points based on the categories included in this brochure during the academic year (until April 1).
  • Residential students will be required to complete a Housing Application (which will inform Housing of their intent to return for the fall) by the posted deadline in order to participate in the housing selection process.
  • Residential students will be required to pay the non-refundable $250 housing deposit by the posted deadline in order to participate.
  • Eligible students receive a summary of points earned by April 1 for auditing.
  • Following the audit period, eligible students will receive an email with directions for logging into myHousing to get their pick time.
  • Individual pick times are ranked in order of total priority points earned for that academic year.
  • Eligible students are able to create matched roommate/suitemate groups of no more than six students. There is no guarantee you will be living with your matched group/roommates.
  • Eligible individual students will choose their room at their earned pick time.
  • Eligible matched groups will have their rooms chosen by one of the group members at the assigned pick time.
  • When the room has been confirmed, students will be notified via Eastern email of their hall and room assignment for the fall.
  • Housing is not guaranteed, but historically we have always been able to assign all students.

Summary of Points

Credits = 1 point for each credit earned by April 1 (90 point cap)
GPA = cumulative GPA cubed
Housing Educational Programs = 1 point each
Housing Social Programs = .5 points (half a point each)
Peer Success Groups = 1 point each
Community Service & CCE = 1 point per hour
Conduct = 20 points for no violations
Intramurals = 3 points per sport (15 point cap)
SGA Recognized Organizations = 5 points each (20 point cap)
Varsity Athletes = 15 points each (45 point cap)
LEAP Cohort = 15 points
LEAP Council = 30 points
CAB Events = .5 points (half a point each)
RHA Attendance = 1 point per meeting
RHA/UROC/Theme Housing President = 10 points
RHA/UROC/Theme Housing Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations = 5 points
UROC Attendance = 1 point per meeting
IDEAL Residential Portfolio = up to 30 points
Service to the University = points vary
Warrior Cup (first place on March 15) = 5 points