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Dining Services Agreement

SPRING 2024 - Dining Services Agreement / Meal Plan Sign-up Form

FALL 2024 - Dining Services Agreement / Meal Plan Sign-up Form


  • Meal Plans cannot be cancelled once classes have begun each semester.
  • Silver Meal Plans may have a portion of the fee refunded on a prorated basis, only upon withdrawal from the University; or upon withdrawal from University housing at the request of the student and contingent upon the concurrence of the University. The discretionary cash component of the food service fee, if any, will be refunded according to procedure established by the University.
  • Voluntary BLOCK Meal Plans are NON-REFUNDABLE. All Block Meals are usable as Guest Meals when the owner of the BLOCK Plan dines with the guest.
  • All Meal Plans are NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  • Voluntary Meal Plans may be added at any time during the semester. Please consider proximity of the dining hall to your residence hall and class schedule before signing up for a meal plan. Students may upgrade their meal plan at any time during the semester but may not downgrade their meal plan.
  • All resident first-year students and residents of Burnap, Burr, Constitution, Crandall, Mead, Niejadlik, Winthrop Halls and Occum residents on the first and second floors are required to be on the SILVER PLUS $125 Meal Plan and are automatically assigned. This agreement does not need to be submitted. These students may upgrade to the SILVER PLUS $225 or SILVER PLUS $325 Meal Plan by completing a Dining Services Agreement.
  • Residents of High Rise, Low Rise, Noble, Laurel, Nutmeg, Shafer, Occum residents on the third and fourth floors and commuters are not required to be on a meal plan. These buildings have kitchens with stoves and refrigerators which enable cooking. Signing the Dining Services Agreement obliges the student to be on the selected meal plan for the entire semester. There is no obligation to continue the meal plan into the next semester. These students may sign up for any of the available meal plans by submitting a Dining Services Agreement.
  • Meal plans are semester-based. Unused meals DO NOT transfer to the following semester. Students who select a meal plan voluntarily must complete a new Dining Services Agreement each semester. You must present your Eastern EXPRESS CARD to use your meal plan.
  • Hurley Food Court is our main dining facility where the meal swipe portion of the meal plan is used. (Please see Dining Dollars information for additional details.)
  • The Dining Dollars portion of the meal plan are NON-REFUNDABLE funds that are placed on your University ID Card. They can only be used for purchases at Hurley and Student Center Food Courts and must be spent by the end of the academic year. Hours subject to change, please see Dining Services location hours.