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EXPRE$$ CASH Refunds

The EXPRESS CASH Account will be closed if you withdraw from the University or your account is inactive for two years. Graduating students should request a refund from the Card Services Office if they would like refund processed immediately. Any balance over $10.00 will be refunded. Balances under $10.00 will not be refunded so please spend balance. If outstanding University charges exist, any remaining balance over $10.00 will be applied to these charges first. Any returning student with a balance over $10.00 may request a refund at the end of the academic year (May). Otherwise the money will remain in the EXPRESS CASH Account and be available the following semester/year.

How to Get Your Refund

1) Complete the EXPRESS CASH Account Refund Form, save form with your Name and Eastern ID Number and send as attachment via email to

2) The fastest way to receive your refund is to setup Electronic eRefunds in e-Web. Go to Personal Information Tab, Click View Account, Make Deposits/Payments and Setup Payment Plan, Click Refunds TabDirections will take you through the setup process.

3) If you do not setup eRefunds, a check will issued. Checks are processed through the Cashier/Bursar's Office and are available for pick-up after 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays or will be mailed to the permanent address listed with the university. It's the students responsibility to ensure a current address is on file and can be verified/updated in e-Web under the Personal Information Tab.

Printing Funds

Printing funds are not actual funds but simply a method to allow students to access printers on campus. They do not represent funds deposited by the student and are not refundable.

Financial Aid Money

After the student university bill is paid, any additional financial aid funds can be added to the EXPRESS CASH Account. Once financial aid has been applied and the student is issued a credit on the bill, that credit can be moved to the EXPRESS CASH Account on your University ID/Eastern EXPRESS CARD. Please contact the Card Services Office at 860-465-5060 for help with this process. If a check is cut it can be signed over to Card Services to add to your Eastern EXPRESS CARD.