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Music Performance (15 credits)

6 credits of MUS 456 Advanced Private Lesson Instruction (1.5 or 3 credits/semester)

1 credit of MUS 395: Practicum in Music (Senior Recital)

Choose 5 credits of Performance Electives

  • MUS 113 Small Ensembles (.5 credits each)
  • MUS 220 Introduction to Conducting (3) [prerequisite: MUS 100]
  • MUS 240 Introduction to Diction for Singers (1) (Instructor permission, corequisite: MUS 356, MUS 456
  • MUS 320 Advanced Conducting (3) [prerequisite: MUS 220]
  • MUS 340 Advanced Diction for Singers (1) prerequisite: MUS 356 or MUS 456
  • MUS 356 Private Lesson Instruction (1.5 or 3 credits/semester)
  • MUS 365 Special Topics in Performance (3)
  • MUS 456 Advanced Private Lesson Instruction (beyond the 6 credits required above)
  • MUS 480 Independent Study in Music (TBD)

Choose 3 credits of electives from another concentration area

Students with a concentration in PERFORMANCE will have the ability to: 

  • demonstrate the technical skills required for expression in at least one major performance area.
  • sing or play with accurate intonation 
  • interpret and effectively communicate music from a varied repertoire and to perform stylistically across a variety of time periods and genres 
  • apply a knowledge of Music Theory and Music History to the interpretation and contextualization of repertoire for performance 
  • demonstrate skills in leadership and collaboration as acquired through regular participation in ensembles. Participation in ensembles should be varied in size and repertoire explored 
  • demonstrate the acquisition, development, and synthesis of such skills and knowledge through a senior lecture recital that reflects the student’s particular interests in the concentration and the breadth of repertoire studied in the applied studio