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Musicology: History, Composition, and Criticism (12 credits)

Required Program Core Courses

Required Courses

  • Twelve (12) credits chosen from the following courses:
    • MUS 301 Intermediate Music Production and Technology - 3 credits
    • MUS 304 Music of the 20th Century - 3 credits
    • MUS 307 Film Music in History and Culture - 3 credits
    • MUS 308 Opera - 3 credits
    • MUS 310 Music in America - 3 credits
    • MUS 312 Music Theory IV - 3 credits
    • MUS 318 Music and Narrative - 3 credits
    • MUS 355 Music with an Edge - 3 credits
    • MUS 365 Special Topics in Music (when topically appropriate) - 3 credits
    • MUS 372 Multimedia Composition - 3 credits
    • MUS 480 Independent Study in Music (when topically appropriate) - 1-6 credits

Students with a concentration in Musicology: History, Composition, and Criticism will have the ability to: 

  • investigate music in a critical way 
  • expand the range of analytical methods, theoretical perspectives, creative techniques, and research approaches developed in the music major core 
  • apply skills and knowledge developed in core music theory, history, and ethnomusicology courses to focused analytical, critical, and creative studies that may involve analyzing the style and structure of past and present music, investigating its place in history and culture, and/or creating works of musical art through a variety of media 
  • grow as thinkers, creators, and researchers through interactions with repertoires not included in the music major core 
  • connect and synthesize the components of the concentration (history, composition, criticism) in creative and critical ways 
  • demonstrate the acquisition, development, and synthesis of such skills and knowledge through a senior project that reflects the student’s particular interests in the concentration