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Music Industry and Leadership (12 credits)

Required Program Core Courses


Required Courses

  • MUS 301 Music Recording Techniques - 3 credits
  • MUS 361 Leadership in the Performing Arts - 3 credits 
  • Choose three (3) credits from:
    • MUS 362 Commercial Music Production - 3 credits
    • MUS 365 Special Topics in Music (when topically appropriate) - 3 credits
    • MUS 480 Independent Study in Music (when topically appropriate) - 1-6 credits
    • MUS 395 Practicum in Music - 0.5-6 credits
  • Internship/Capstone (3 credits)
    • MUS 495 Internship in Music - 1-6 credits (3 credits required) or other approved capstone experience
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Students with a concentration in Music Industry and Leadership will have the ability to:

  • articulate the variety of career paths available to students with a background in music industry and leadership
  • demonstrate proficiency in the technology and software essential for a career in the Music Industry
  • demonstrate entrepreneurial skills necessary for the all 21stcentury musicians
  • demonstrate strong written and oral communication skills 
  • demonstrate effective leadership skills and the ability articulate varied leadership models and theories
  • develop workplace skills through internships with on and off-campus arts organizations and arts initiatives
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