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Music Major: BA Degree Requirements

Total Credits: 45; Only grades of ‘C’ or better will count toward the major.

The requirements below are a reflection of the most recent degree requirements for the BA in Music. Please refer to your catalog year for the most accurate degree requirements.

Music Major Core Curriculum (30 credits)

The following courses are required of ALL Music Majors, regardless of Concentration.

Music Theory

MUS 205/215 : Music Theory I and Sight Singing/Ear Training I (4) Offered every spring [prerequisite: MUS 200 Offered every fall]
MUS 206/216 : Music Theory II and Sight Singing/Ear Training II (4) Offered every fall [prerequisite: MUS 205 Offered every spring]
MUS 309 : Music Theory III (3) Offered every spring [prerequisite: MUS 205 and MUS 206]

Music History and Ethnomusicology

MUS 235 : Music History I (3) Offered every fall [prerequisite: MUS 100 (T1AC) or MUS 120 (T1H) Offered every semester or MUS 200 Offered every fall]
MUS 236 : Music History II (3) Offered every spring [prerequisite: MUS 100 (T1AC) or MUS 120 (T1H) Offered every semester or MUS 200 Offered every fall]]
MUS 335 : Introduction to Ethnomusicology (3) Offered fall only [prerequisite: MUS 130 (T1AC) Offered every semester]

Choose one of the following Tier II Writing intensive classes (offered on a rotating basis):

MUS 302 : Popular Music in America (3) Offered spring only [prerequisite: MUS 120 or MUS 130]
MUS 303 : Music and the Art of Environment (3) Offered spring only [prerequisite: MUS 100, MUS 120, or MUS 130]
MUS 345 : Choral Masterworks (3) Offered spring only [prerequisite: MUS 120 or permission of instructor]


Applied Experience

Four semesters (4 credits) of large ensemble experience to be chosen from the following:
MUS 103 : Chorus (1) Offered every semester
MUS 107 : Concert Band (1) Offered every semester

Capstone Experience

MUS 490 : Senior Project in Music- Tier III Writing Requirement and Capstone Experience (3)
*All Music Majors must successfully complete the Keyboard Proficiency Exam prior to graduation.  Keyboard Proficiency Guidelines.


Music Major Concentrations (15 credits)

Music Majors will choose from one of the following concentrations:

Music Performance


Musicology: History, Composition and Criticism


Music Industry and Leadership


ALL students pursuing a BA in Music will have the ability to:

  • hear, identify, and work conceptually with the elements of music, such as rhythm, melody, harmony, structure, timbre/texture 
  • interpret and apply musical notation 
  • understand the compositional processes, aesthetic properties of style, and the ways these interact with artistic and cultural contexts 
  • exhibit knowledge of a wide selection of musical literature, principal eras, and genres 
  • conduct independent original research within a specific field of interest by identifying research methodologies and appropriate resources and to communicate this work effectively through writing and oral presentation 
  • demonstrate functional keyboard skills 
  • apply music knowledge through performance 


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Students may pursue these studies in conjunction with courses outside the Music Program.

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