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Music Minor (18 Credits)

Provides theoretical and experiential opportunities which emphasize the history, theory, performance and criticism of music and musicians from both Western and non-Western traditions. Exposes students to the diversity of styles, eras, and practices of the global society and make connections with other areas of the arts, culture, and society.

Required Courses (4 Credits)

  • MUS 205/MUS 215  Music Theory I/Sight Singing and Ear Training Lab I (offered spring semester)


2 semesters (2 credits) of large ensemble

  • MUS 103  Concert Chorale (1)
  • MUS 107  Concert Band (1)
  • Music History and Culture (Choose One-3 Credits)
  • MUS 235  Music History I  (offered fall semester)
  • MUS 236 Music History II  (offered spring semester)
  • MUS 335  Intro to Ethnomusicology (offered fall semester)


Minor Electives (9 Credits)

  • Three at 200-level or above
  • Six at 300-level or above