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Parents and Guardians

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Congratulations to you and your student on their acceptance to Eastern! We realize you likely have many questions about the next steps. Please refer to our New Student Guide for enrollment instructions, and the Important Dates below for additional information.

If you have further questions that are not answered on this page, please email, call (860) 465-5286 or text us at (860) 606-3688.


Enrollment Requirement or Event Date


Sign your student up for an Accepted Student Tour. During your Accepted Student Tour, you will be guided around campus by one of our current student Tour Guides. You will visit three first-year student residence halls (Mead, Constitution, and Burnap), see academic classrooms, and recreational facilities while hearing about a current student’s experiences. After your tour, you and your student will be able to meet with an admissions counselor to discuss financial aid, classes, and enrollment steps. Sign up for an Accepted Student Tour.

March 25

Accepted Student Decision Day event for students deciding if Eastern is right for them. Click here to register!

April 22

Accepted Student Decision Day event for students deciding if Eastern is right for them. Click here to register!

May 1

Tuition & Housing deposit submission deadline. If your student is planning to live on campus, they should also complete the Housing Application.


Your student's final bill for the Fall 2023 semester will be sent to their Eastern email. We suggest signing up for a Payment Plan at this time to break up the cost into interest-free installments.

Mid to late June

SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) sessions. Register here.

June 30

Last day to sign up for a Payment Plan that is 5 installments. If you register for a Payment Plan after July 1, you will have 4 installments.

July 31

Payment is due in full for Fall 2023 semester, unless you have signed up for a Payment Plan.

August 26

Move-in day for on-campus students

August 29

First day of fall classes!

For individual questions about your student:

Enrolling at Eastern: Tuition & Housing Deposits

Financial Aid & Billing

  • You’ll need to activate your Eastern Email and sign in to Self Service eWeb. Follow these steps to accept your loans. Scholarships are automatically accepted for you. You must accept your loans in eWeb in order to have them disbursed to you for the upcoming semester.

  • Your final bill will be sent to your Eastern email around mid-June.  Eastern bills by semester, so you will be charged for the fall semester tuition in July and for the spring tuition in December.  Your final bill for fall should be paid in full by July 31, unless you enroll in a payment plan which would allow the last payment to be due in November.

  • Yes! Eastern’s Payment Plan breaks up your semester bill into smaller monthly payments interest-free from August to December. You will need to sign up by June 30.

    More information on Eastern's Payment Plan

  • As we generate electronic billing notices, it is important for you to receive them as well as your student. Otherwise, your student may forget to let you know when a bill is outstanding. For you to receive email notices, your student must designate you as an “Authorized User” in TouchNet. Not only will you receive these notices, but you will also have access to the student’s account and the ability to make online payments. Your student can create your authorization by going to their TouchNet student account and:

    • Select “Authorized Users” Profile Setup Option
    • Select “Add Authorized User”
    • Enter the email address of person to receive the notices
    • Indicate the level of account access the person should have
    • Press Continue and then read and approve the agreement that is displayed
    • An email will be sent to the new Authorized User with instructions on how to sign on
    1. Eastern’s Payment Plan breaks up your semester bill into smaller monthly payments to make things more manageable.
    2. Federal Parent Plus Loans are designed for parents of undergraduate students to help finance their child’s college education; FAFSA submission is required.
    3. Another option is private loans; Eastern recommends working with ELM Select to compare various private loans.

    You may always visit our Office of Financial Aid webpage for more detailed information.

Registering for Fall 2023 Classes & Academic Advising

  • The Advising Center will contact students who have submitted their deposit(s) regarding course registration for the fall. Make sure your student has activated their Eastern email, as this will be the primary form of communication from the Advising Center. Students will begin to receive communication about registration and placement tests, if applicable, in April.

    More information about the registration process and important dates

  • To graduate in 4 years, students should take 15 credits per semester (5 classes), and 30 credits per year to reach the graduation requirement of 120 credits.

  • Your student has selected their major during the application process. Their current major can be found in eWeb Self Service (once they've logged into their Eastern Email) under the Admissions tab. If your student wants to change their major before registering for classes, email Once they're on campus, they'll work with our Advising Center and Registrar to change their major.

  • If your student is Undecided, they will register for some of Eastern’s Liberal Arts Core classes, which all count toward graduation requirements. These courses will allow your student to explore a variety of topics to help select a major.

  • Students have until the end of their sophomore year (4 semesters) to decide on a major. During that time, they will work with an advisor to determine areas of interest and to make sure they are taking appropriate classes to graduate in four years.

    Full listing of Eastern's major and minor programs

  • At Eastern, all students must complete a College level math course and a College writing course within their first year. In order to determine placement in either course, students can:
    • Submit their SAT or ACT scores to Eastern.
      Even if they did not send scores with their application, these scores may be used for placement purposes. Scores should be requested directly from the testing site (ex:CollegeBoard), and submitted to the Admissions Office. Submitting standardized tests scores after acceptance will not impact your admissions decision.
    • Take a math and/or writing placement exam.
      If students are required to take a math and/or writing placement, they will be notified via their Eastern email account. Students should check their Eastern email accounts regularly!
  • As long as students receive credit for passing the class (a grade of C- or higher), they will receive credit at Eastern. They may contact the Registrar's Office at the dual-enrollment college (e.g., for ECE classes, it would be UConn) to request that their official transcript be sent to Eastern's Admissions Office once the class is over.
  • Students who score a 3 or higher on the AP exam will receive course credit at Eastern. 

    View the list of course equivalences to see how AP Courses come to Eastern

On Campus Housing

  • The Traditional-style buildings for first-year students are: Crandall, Burnap, Winthrop and Burr halls.  The Suite-style buildings for first-year students are: Mead and Constitution halls.

    Full listing and details of the buildings

    Take a virtual tour of each building on campus and see their locations

  • Yes, housing rates vary based on traditional- or suite-style buildings. due to the square footage within each room.

    View the different housing rates for first-year student housing

  • Once they submit your tuition & housing deposits, students need to fill out the Housing Application.  Here, they'll provide building preferences, submit roommate requests or fill out the roommate survey.  Students will not be placed into housing until they have submitted your housing deposit and Housing Application.

    Step-by-step instructions on applying for housing

  • Yes, there are a limited number of single rooms in Winthrop Hall for first-year students.

  • Yes, students can request each other on the Housing Application, and they must have the same housing preference choices in the same order (For example, 1. Crandall 2. Burnap 3. Burr).  If they have already submitted their Housing Application without a roommate request, they and their friend will both need to email from their Eastern email accounts requesting one another to be considered as roommates and clarify the top three residence hall choices.
  • Roommates are assigned by building and by common interests based on your responses from the Housing Application. If your student wants to request a roommate instead, they may request them on the Housing Application (they both must request each other on the Application), or they can email from their Eastern email accounts requesting one another to be considered as roommates.

    Access the Housing Application

  • First-year students move-in is scheduled for August 26, 2023. More details about move-in will be sent to your student's Eastern email as move-in approaches.

  • Your student will need to register with our Office of AccessAbility Services (OAS) to ensure the University is made aware of their allergies. Then, we will be able to assist in working with Dining Services to ensure we have accommodations that will suit their needs.

    Learn more about the Office of AccessAbility Services

Meal Plan & Dining on Campus

  • The Silver 125 Meal Plan (the minimum first-year students meal plan) provides unlimited access to Hurley Dining Hall, as well as $125 Dining Dollars used in our on-campus cafés and 10 guest meal swipes for visitors to eat in the dining hall.
  • first-year students are automatically enrolled in the Silver 125 Plan, but there are other options which offer additional dining dollars and guest swipes for visitors at an additional cost.

    View all of the meal plan options available

  • We do not have specific meal plans for students with food allergies, but we do offer a gluten-free section at each meal, as well as curated meals for those who have more severe allergies. To receive assistance, you may contact the Office of AccessAbility Services (OAS) who can assist with getting the necessary food accommodations, or reach out to the Director of Dining Services, Joe Salvaggio, at
  • With the Silver 125 meal plan, students get $125 dining dollars per semester to use in our three caféés on campus. They may also load money onto their accounts, called Express Cash, to use on campus for laundry, vending machines, and to use at local businesses as well.
  • Dining dollars are funds loaded onto the Eastern ID card that can be used in the three on-campus caféés. The Meal Plan offers buffet-style meals with unlimited access to the dining hall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Health Services

  • Students are no longer required to have health insurance to attend Eastern. If a student needs health insurance, they may purchase their own plan through Aetna. If a student’s family has health insurance, you will need to add it to your student’s account.

    Information about insurance for your student while they attend Eastern

  • We have our Office of Health Services on campus, which sees students by appointment for health concerns. Windham Hospital is about 0.5 miles from campus, which is helpful for emergency needs.

    Learn more about Health Services

AccessAbility Services & Student Accommodations

Student Involvement/Employment Opportunities

  • There are 100 clubs for students to join, we have a Campus Activity Board for campus-wide programming, and each residence hall offers fun ways to get involved and meet other students.

    View the full listing of Eastern's clubs and organizations

  • Eastern has over 700 jobs available to students, both via work study & through our operating fund, which means jobs are available to any student applying for a position on campus. Check out for a full listing of available positions on campus.  On-campus jobs allow first-year students to work up to 10 hours per week and upper level students to work up to 12 hours per week.
  • Work study is offered to eligible students on their financial aid packages. This means they will need to find a position that is seeking a work study student.  Work study positions can be found at under “Students,” then “Work Study.”


    Even if students are not offered work study, they may apply for other student jobs at

Campus Safety

  • Eastern is very safe. Eastern’s designated police officers are CT State Certified and work on campus 24/7 to maintain its safety. We also have 71 blue light emergency phones spread throughout campus, and students have access to the LiveSafe App. The LiveSafe App provides students with a direct connection to campus public safety on- and off-campus, and allows students to track their friends via SafeWalk to ensure they make it to their destination safely.
  • The Eastern Alert notification system will call, text, and email students and parents of any emergencies or weather delays/closures on campus. View directions for how to sign up for Eastern Alert.

  • Yes, except for one designated 21+ residence hall for upper level students. Alcohol is prohibited in all other buildings on campus.

  • First-year students may not have cars on campus if they are living on campus; commuting students may have their cars. Once a student has earned 24 credits, they may have their car if they are residing on campus. Parking is free for all students!