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Summer Transition at Eastern/Contract Admissions Program

STEP/CAP is an invitation-only summer program designed to ensure students are prepared for the rigors of college coursework at Eastern. Students invited to this program have been selected based on demonstrated perseverance and commitment to academic achievement. This six-week summer residential experience offers the opportunity to take three college-level courses while building critical academic skills within a supportive community. 

STEP/CAP is an alternative path to admissions at Eastern, and is tailored specifically to support proactive students who are highly motivated to complete their four-year degree at Eastern. Successful completion of STEP/CAP ensures a seat in the incoming Fall 2023 class.

For more information, please review the STEP/CAP overview letter here.

Students will receive a letter in the mail informing them of their STEP/CAP decision. Please follow the steps below to be eligible for the summer 2023 cohort.   

You may register for our last STEP/CAP Acceptance Day on Wednesday, April 19 here. 


Next Steps:

  • Students are required to attend STEP/CAP Acceptance Day on Wednesday, April 19 to be eligible for the summer 2023 cohort, and have until May 1 to formally commit to Eastern and STEP/CAP. This will be our last STEP/CAP Acceptance Day.

    The STEP/CAP Acceptance Day will be hosted by our Admissions and Opportunity Programs staff.
    During the event, students will:

    • Learn about the program’s goals and expectations, and steps moving forward
    • Connect with current Eastern STEP/CAP students
    • Receive their enrollment packet and financial aid offer, including their STEP/CAP scholarship

    You may register for our last STEP/CAP Acceptance Day on Wednesday, April 19 here. 

    If you are interested in STEP/CAP but are unable to attend STEP/CAP Acceptance Day, please contact the Admissions Office at 860-465-5286.

    Family support is essential to student achievement and success; therefore, we highly encourage students to bring their parents, guardians, or other supporters to this event. 

  • Students will receive their enrollment packet when they attend STEP/CAP Acceptance Day.

    The enrollment packet will list the student's ID, email, enrollment checklist, and instructions on how to submit deposit(s).

    Deposit(s) must be submitted to reserve a seat in STEP/CAP and commit to Eastern. Tuition and/or housing deposit(s) are due as soon as possibleDue to the nature of the program, STEP/CAP has limited seats for the summer 2023 cohort. Once the program is at capacity, we will no longer be able to take deposits. 

    We encourage students to submit their deposits once they have decided Eastern is the best fit for them.   


  • Financial aid offers for STEP/CAP and the 2023-2024 academic year will be provided for students during STEP/CAP Acceptance Day. Ensure your FAFSA is submitted and Eastern is added to your list of schools to receive your financial aid offer. Eastern’s school code 001425

    Financial aid offers will be delayed if the student’s FAFSA has not been submitted. The Admissions Office will contact students and parents/guardians if any information is missing from their FAFSAIt is essential that students and parents/guardians complete FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Aid) to receive a financial aid offer. 

    Students and parents/guardians can contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions regarding FAFSA and/or their 2023-2024 financial aid offers at (860) 465-5205.


More about STEP/CAP

    • Seven credits earned towards cumulative GPA and graduation requirements
    • Early access to resources to leverage and enhance your academic and personal achievement
    • Practice the mindset and learning strategies required for lifelong success
    • Support from STEP/CAP staff and peers all four years at Eastern
  • Eastern recognizes the dedication needed to earn a college degree. To help reduce the cost of attendance and ensure future success at Eastern, students who successfully complete the summer program are granted a STEP/CAP scholarship that will be applied starting in the fall semester. The scholarship is renewable for four years (eight semesters) and is in addition to need-based aid.
  • The total cost of STEP/CAP is $3,000. This includes the cost of classes, housing, and meals. In addition to financial aid for the 2023-2024 academic year, students may be eligible for summer financial aid to help reduce the cost of STEP/CAP.

    Summer financial aid is determined by a student's EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) listed within their FAFSA. Students do not have to submit a separate aid application for STEP/CAP. Summer aid can help cover full or partial cost of the program.

    Students will receive their summer financial aid and cost of STEP/CAP with their financial aid offer for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

    Please contact the Admissions Office at (860) 465-5776 with questions regarding the cost of STEP/CAP.

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Phone: (860) 465-5286

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