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Accepting Your Award Offer:


Once you have been awarded financial aid, you may accept or decline the offer by following the steps listed below:

  1. Go to Eastern's eWeb website:
  2. Click on Login.
  3. Enter your Eastern ID# and your PIN# and click Login. If you do not remember your PIN #, call the Eastern Help Desk for assistance at (860) 465-4346.
  4. Click the "Financial Aid" Tab.
  5. Click on Title IV Authorization
  6. Read Page 1 of the Eastern Policies & Procedures and click "Continue" to go to Page 2.
  7. Under Option "Select", Authorize or Rescind the two statements and then click Submit.
  8. Click the "Financial Aid" Tab.
  9. Click on FERPA Authorization, Answer Questions Regarding FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) If Applicable.
  10. Click the Financial Aid Tab.
  11. Click View Award Information.
  12. Click Accept Award tab.
  13. Review your award offer by making a choice under the drop down menu next to each award and click Submit.


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Additional Information

  1. Pell Grants are "automatically" ACCEPTED. You must, however, complete the entire instruction process listed above or your awards will be cancelled. If you are offered other types of aid, you must select: Accept, Decline, Decide Later (if funds are still available), or Accept a Partial Amount (if you want an amount lower than the amount awarded.) Then click "Submit Decision."
  2. Once you have made a decision about your award offers, you may need to complete additional paperwork if you are a first time loan borrower (Federal Direct Loan or Perkins Loan). If you accepted awards for Direct Federal Stafford Loans, you are required to electronically complete an Entrance Counseling Form and a Master Promissory Note with the Department of Education at You will need your FAFSA ID in order to sign into this site. 
  3. Click "Return to Menu" and select "Student Requirements" to see if any paperwork or other actions are still Requested. Please submit the documents to the office or e-mail us at with any questions or electronic documents.

Check E-web again after approximately two weeks to insure that your Financial Aid pays to your student account (Direct Loans won't pay to your account until the week before classes start). If your aid hasn't paid to your student account, please e-mail us to check and make sure you have completed all requirements: