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Fostering Essential Dispositions

in Young Children

From an early age, learning is influenced by one's dispositions, or tendencies to think or act in particular ways. This video emphasizes six essential dispositions of competent learners. Caregivers are encouraged to support children to be: creative, inquisitive, flexible, critical thinkers, purposeful & reflective, and social learners. Toddler and preschool teachers describe why and how they promote these dispositions within their program. This video was funded by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood to support implementation of the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS). See other videos related to the CT ELDS.

Video transcript: English; Spanish.

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Watch Individual Segments of the Video and View Additional Resources

A teacher and child look at worms together.
A child uses tape in a project.
A teacher reads to a child outdoors.
A teacher and child work on a sketch together in the art center.
Children use a picture schedule at whole group time to reflect on their day.
Two children play with trains and tracks together.
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