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Using Technology with Young Children

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Educational technology offers many tools with good potential for supporting a child's learning process. Open-ended technological applications can encourage children to engage in creative problem-solving and critical thinking exercises. While these tools can be exciting, it is important to be knowledgeable about their proper use.

Early childhood professionals should review the developmental appropriateness of each tool and its usage, while maintaining a healthy balance across a variety of modalities.

The videos and resources below illustrate strategies and ideas for using technology to support learning.

A teacher sits with a preschooler using a computerIntroducing technology to Young Children (5:18)

This video from the e-clips series explains that when teachers carefully select and introduce children to appropriate software, computers can help young children not only learn new skills, but also make the connection between concrete concepts and more abstract ideas. The video also stresses the important role of the teacher in supporting learning using technology, and provides tips for teachers for the successful integration of computers in the classroom curriculum.

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Dr. Doug ClementsUsing Technology with Young Children in the Early Childhood Classroom (17:45)

In this audio podcast, Dr. Douglas Clements discusses how increased accessibility to new technologies can help professionals effectively use technology as a learning tool in the classroom. Clements emphasizes how technology can be used to increase children's math skills in particular.

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Dr. George FormanUsing Digital Video to Enhance Observation and Assessment (17:19)

In this audio podcast, Dr. George Forman discusses the importance of classroom observation, and the advantages of using digital video as an observation tool. With digital video, short clips can be stored, indexed, and reviewed quickly and efficiently, providing objective data for interpretation.

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How Television and Video Games Affect Young Children (45:36)

Lisa GuernseyIn this presentation, author and education journalist Lisa Guernsey discusses the age at which children begin showing evidence of learning from what they see on screen, the impact of television on language and other areas of development, the surprising impact of background television, the type of content that young children find most upsetting, and how parents and early childhood providers can make informed decisions about screen time.

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