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Promote Purposeful and Reflective Action

(An excerpt from the Fostering Essential Dispositions video)

Across all ages and domains, early learning experiences will support children to be purposeful and reflective.

"Very young children should be actively involved in play and will benefit from reminders of the results of their actions. Three- and four- year-olds should play an active role in planning experiences, setting goals and celebrating accomplishments. They should be encouraged to be reflective and to learn from mistakes." (CT ELDS)

Watch Video

    • Describe routines and what is going to happen next
    • Take photos/videos of children's work throughout the day then view and discuss
    • Have children plan for where they are going to play each day (e.g., choice boards)
    • Have children draw or sketch what they plan to do
    • Allow structures to remain intact (e.g., blocks) and for children to return and add to them the next day
    • Engage children in long-term projects and discuss the process throughout the experience
    • Have children share their ideas, creations, and learning with peers
    • Meet as a group and review learning at the end of the day
    • Model - talk about your plans and reflect aloud
    • Discuss mistakes or accidents that happen as opportunities for learning
  • This video was funded by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood to support implementation of the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS).