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Technical Tips for Viewing Our Videos

(or Showing Them in a Class/Training)

Image Quality:
For best viewing, especially if video is being projected on a large screen, watch our videos in high definition. To set:

  1. Click on the "Settings" icon (looks like a gear).
  2. Under "Quality" select "480p" or highest quality ("720p") if it is an option.

Subtitles/Closed Captioning:
For many of our videos, we have added closed captioning based on a transcript. Most videos have English subtitles available, and many videos have Spanish subtitles available as well. To use:

  1. Click on the "CC" icon. English subtitles will appear as default.
  2. To switch to Spanish subtitles, click the "Settings" icon to the right of the "CC" icon. Under "Subtitles/CC," select Spanish.
Closed captioning can be turned off any time by simply clicking the "CC" icon.

Time Stamps in YouTube: Some of our longer videos have time stamps (hyperlinks that allow the viewer to select a particular segment of the video to start watching from). These time stamps can be particularly useful to trainers/instructors who wish to show only certain segments to a group. To use:

  1. Access the video through YouTube. (If viewing the video from our website, click on the "YouTube" icon at the bottom of the video and the video will open up in YouTube.)
  2. Click on "Show more" underneath the video's description.
  3. Click on the time stamp that corresponds to the segment you want to play.

Resolving Projector Issues:
If colors look too bright or skin tones appear over-saturated, check to make sure that the projector's color saturation boost isn't set to the "on" position. This setting, if applicable, will be in the projector's menu. (This makes Power Point presentations look brighter, but should be "off" for video.)