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Our Video Series

The Center for Early Childhood Education has developed over 150 educational videos to date, featuring a variety of early childhood settings, professionals, and experts. You can view a complete list of all of our videos, or explore videos within a particular series below. In addition, we have a Video Clip Library for Faculty and Trainers with 560 short video clips designed to spark discussion in classes or trainings.

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Videos en español

Thanks to a collaboration with Lastinger Center for Learning at the University of Florida College of Education, we are now able to offer Spanish versions of a few of our videos. Most of these are the original videos with Spanish voiceovers added (Spanish closed captioning and Spanish transcripts are also available).

La hora de lectura en familia videos were created in Spanish and feature parents reading to their children in Spanish.

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430x290 Physical Activity e-clips

The e-clips series provides early childhood professionals with tips and ideas they can implement in their own classrooms. Each e-clip features an expert describing how providers can use the latest research to enhance children’s learning. Interviews with classroom teachers and footage from preschool classrooms illustrate how educators can put theory into practice and capture authentic early childhood classroom experiences.

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430x290 Incorporating Math into Gross Motor PlayReflections from the Field

In this series of brief videos, teachers and providers reflect on their practices and experiences working with young children. Topics range from supporting dual language learners to incorporating math into gross motor play to using mealtimes as learning opportunities.

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430x290 investigating balls imageInvestigating...

Each video in this series documents children's in-depth learning experiences as they explored a topic for several months at Eastern's Child and Family Development Resource Center. Videos include interviews with preschool and toddler teachers about how children engaged in literacy, math, science, art, and other activities while investigating topics such as trees, balls, pathways, rocks, containers, and babies.

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A teacher sits with a child in his lap, playing together.Teaching Strategies

These are brief videos that focus on one, specific strategy utilized by an early childhood teacher or provider to meet an objective. Some illustrate a specific teaching behavior or interaction with children; others may show how a teacher or provider planned a transition or an environmental modification to meet children’s needs or elicit new or different behaviors or learning. The videos are designed to give viewers ideas for implementing a new strategy.

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A mother reads to her daughter on a couch.Family Reading Time/La Hora de Lectura en Familia

This video series was developed to provide multilingual families with tips for reading with young children. For children from multilingual households, spending time reading every day in both English and their first language can support their language and literacy development, as well as help maintain first language proficiency. 

Videos in English and Spanish
A mother holds a baby in a seated position while he reaches for bells on the floor.Infant and Toddler Videos

This collection of videos all feature footage or and strategies for working with infants and/or toddlers. Although the videos are from a variety of different series, each is intended to support teachers, providers and home visitors who serve families with children under age three.  Videos range in length from 1 to 12 minutes.

See videos and resources for infants and toddlers

Child stepping over a rope in an obstable courseSupporting Children's Physical and Outdoor Play

A series of videos and accompanying printed tip sheets for infant, toddler, and preschool teachers/caregivers with strategies to support children's physical and outdoor play. Videos focus on how adults can incorporate motor activities to support children's social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Videos on infants, toddlers, preschoolers
430x290 Strand ACT Early Learning Development Standards

These videos and related training materials were developed to support the implementation of the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS). The ELDS serve as a foundation for what all children from birth to age five should know and be able to do in their earliest years. The materials here can be used by early care and education providers and those supporting their professional development.

See CT ELDS Videos and Resources

Teacher reads to a preschoolerSupporting Oral Language in the Preschool Classroom

In this this four-part series experts discuss oral language development and strategies for  creating a language-rich environment in their preschool classroom, including building language skills through interactive read-alouds and oral story telling. In addition, experts present strategies for providing support to dual language learners. Videos range from 7 to 11 minutes.

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Dr. Tanya MooreheadECE Wisdom

These brief videos each feature an early childhood researcher or other content expert discussing topics such as creating classroom getaway spaces, using literature to help children with their emotions, creating classroom rules with children, the importance of building positive relationships, and teaching children conflict resolution skills. Videos range from 1 to 3 minutes.

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George FormanEarly Childhood Insights

These podcasts feature longer, more in-depth interviews with early childhood experts on topics such as teaching children conflict resolution skills, using technology with preschoolers, using video to enhance observation and assessment, and cultural differences in children's play. Podcasts range from 9 to 18 minutes long and feature George Forman, Douglas Clements, Carlota Schechter, and Patricia Ramsey.

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