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Guidance for Using Videos for Professional Learning

The Center has developed a number of resources to support faculty, trainers, and coaches in using our fully produced videos for professional development and pre-service education purposes. The following videos or video series have supporting documents that you may find helpful. Documents include suggestions for using videos in college courses, in trainings, or within a program, as well as worksheets and other reflective tools that can be given to participants. In many cases, suggestions are available for further reading. Most materials can be accessed by visiting the page containing the videos and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    • Transcripts: You may find that the English and Spanish transcripts and closed captioning available for each of these videos is useful for trainings and courses.
    • Time Stamps: Please note that all the videos below have time stamps associated with them if you wish to show only a short segment of a video and want to find it quickly. You can access this feature by viewing the video within YouTube (click on the YouTube icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video while it is playing). Once in YouTube, click on the words "Show More" underneath the video description. A list of sections with associated times will be visible - click on any of those times to jump to that section of the video.
    • Video Quality: See more tips for ensuring a high-quality viewing experience, using closed captioning, and troubleshooting projector issues.