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Support Social Learning

(An excerpt from the Fostering Essential Dispositions video)

Across all ages and domains, early learning experiences will support children to be social learners.

Social interactions form the basis for children's learning…Those supporting young children's growth and development should provide opportunities to learn through cooperative experiences with adults and children." (From CT ELDS)

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    • Encourage relationships as a context for all learning (adult-child and peer to peer)
    • Provide opportunities for children to observe the actions of others
    • Encourage peer-to-peer interactions and conversations
    • Partner children to complete tasks
    • Encourage children to help each other and learn together
    • Structure mealtimes as social opportunities
    • Plan for cooperative learning in small groups
    • Provide materials that support cooperative games - both indoors and outdoors
    • Use a Think-Pair-Share strategy, having children share ideas with each other and then a larger group