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Foster Flexibility

(An excerpt from the Fostering Essential Dispositions video)

Across all ages and domains, early learning experiences will support children to be flexible.

"Foster children's ability to adapt to new situations, to be flexible in their responses and to actively engage in new environments. Exposure to new ideas, environments and situations in meaningful ways can promote resilience." (From CT ELDS)

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    • Provide a consistent daily schedule and be available as a base of support so children can be comfortable with variation
    • Add novelty and complexity to familiar routines and activities over time
    • Rotate some materials while maintaining some familiar and popular materials
    • Plan changes in the daily schedule once a child is comfortable, providing prior warning and support
    • Follow the child's lead, model flexibility and capitalize on teachable moments
    • Allow children to combine unrelated materials in play
    • Allow children to use materials in unusual ways
    • Model calm approaches to unexpected events and changes
    • Structure opportunities for involved dramatic play with peers
  • This video was funded by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood to support implementation of the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS).