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ECE Video Clip Library for Faculty and Trainers

The Early Childhood Video Clip Library for Faculty and Trainers is a collection of 560 video clips designed to provide opportunities for awareness and reflection for those who work with young children and families. Clips were selected to support professional development delivered by:

  • Trainers
  • Faculty
  • Coaches
  • Directors and administrators
  • Others who provide professional development
  • The library contains a collection of video clips that were selected to provide opportunities for awareness and reflection. In some cases, the clips illustrate examples of child development, in others, exemplary practices. Some clips simply provide glimpses of ordinary happenings that may be used to spark discussion. Users may want to use the search feature to look for something specific. Clips also contain categories and tags that can assist in narrowing down the list based on age, setting type, developmental domain and/or content area.

    The library was launched in 2016 with support from the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood. The CECE continued to add new clips to the library through June 2023.

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Terms of Use

These clips were made possible by the many brave teachers, family child care providers, families, and other adults who agreed to allow videotaping of their work and interactions. Please remember that the professionals in the video clips make decisions based on what they know about individual children and families, their goals for a particular day or moment, and what happened earlier in the day. These clips are only snapshots in time and do not show the whole context of the situation. While written descriptions may provide some context, not all details are provided to protect confidentiality.

The clips should not be used to criticize individual providers
or draw conclusions about quality of care.
We ask that they be used in a way that will ensure respect of their practice
and a recognition of their contribution to the field.

These clips are not intended to be used outside the context of the Video Clip Library. Sharing or embedding individual clips on other sites is strictly prohibited without prior expressed written permission. (It is fine to share the link to the overall library along with a clip number to ensure that all users agree to our terms of use.)


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  • The library was initially developed with support from the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.
  • We thank all the teachers, home child care providers, administrators, home visitors, families, and others who cooperated in the making of these clips.