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Inspire Creativity 

(An excerpt from the Fostering Essential Dispositions video)

Across all ages and domains, early learning experiences will support children to be creative.

"Children should have opportunities to create, express themselves in a variety of ways and approach problems from new perspectives. The focus of early learning experiences should be on the process instead of the product, promoting learning, exploring and thinking over achieving a specific result or answer." (From CT ELDS)


Watch video segment

    • Whenever possible, honor children's unique ideas; don't require conformity
    • Provide open-ended play opportunities and props
    • Support children in following through on own ideas
    • Model doing new and different things with common objects
    • Encourage children to develop different uses for familiar objects
    • Provide blank paper and mixed media for art
    • Have children brainstorm lists of needed supplies or materials for a project
    • Provide materials for children to create own props for dramatic play
    • Sing a familiar song, allow children to share ideas for new lyrics
    • Invite children to create their own ending to a story
  • This video was funded by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood to support implementation of the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS).