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Department of History

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History majors develop an understanding of the historical background of modern society, politics, economics and culture, cultivating their research and writing skills. In addition to careers as historians and history teachers, a history major can prepare you for careers in:

  • Education
  • Law and government
  • Journalism
  • Social work
  • Business and industrial research
  • Museum and archival work

The specialized major in History and Social Sciences combines a broad historical background with one or more social sciences, along with a variety of elective options, and is particularly appropriate for students seeking teacher certification at the secondary level.


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Scott Moore
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Secretary II
Alicia Chandler
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Students on campus attending an outdoor informational fair
Students and professor abroad at the Sea of Galilee
Student abroad in the bunkers at Golan Heights
Students on camels in front of old ruins

Programs of Study

  • History majors at Eastern learn to understand the historical background of modern society, politics, economy and culture. They cultivate active skills in research and writing that help them prepare for graduate school and careers in education, law, government, journalism and many other professions. Eastern is the only Connecticut state university with an undergraduate digital history lab. A History minor is available to non-History majors.

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  • The History and Social Sciences major at Eastern is designed for students pursuing teaching certification in secondary education, but is open to all students. It combines a broad historical background with in-depth exploration of one or more social sciences, along with a variety of elective options. Majors select courses from the disciplines of anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology and sociology.

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  • Latin American and Caribbean Studies is an interdisciplinary minor specializing in the histories, cultures and social structures of these regions.

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  • Students in the Asian Studies minor are exposed to the history and current affairs of Asian societies, and are encouraged to travel and study in Asia. The minor has particular strengths in China, Japan, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Korea and India.

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  • The Peace and Human Rights minor explores fundamental issues related to the human condition and the study of social, political and religious thought. Students are encouraged to think critically and to broadly explore contemporary issues related to peace and human rights.

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