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Teaching Certification Information

A large number of students int the Eastern Department of History choose teaching as their career. Our graduates are currently employed by public and private schools of various levels throughout Connecticut and the region. In 2011, David Bosso a 1997 graduate, was recognized as a Connecticut Teacher of the Year. He teaches history and social studies at Berlin High School, Berlin, CT.

Students who want to be certified to teach history and social sciences can major in History, History/American Studies, or History/Social Sciences, as long as they meet all the state's history and social sciences certification requirements. There is no requirement that you have any particular major.

History and Social Sciences is designed to fill major and certification requirements with the most overlap in courses, but the other history majors work nearly as well.

Elementary education certification requires an academic major other than Sociology or Psychology, so History or History/American Studies or History and Social Sciences are very suitable.

Contact the Education Department or the chair of the History Department for more information.

Advisement Worksheet for History/Social Studies Secondary Teacher Certification

History-Social Studies Teacher Certification Advisement Sheet

List of courses that fulfill the American History state requirement

Courses Recommended by the Eastern Education Department:

  • HIS 120 Early American Experience, 1607-1877
    • for first-year students and sophomores only
  • HIS 121 Recent American Experience, 1877-Present
    • for first-year students and sophomores only
  • HIS 310 Great Issues: A Survey of American History
    • for juniors and seniors only
    • does not count for History major

Other Courses that also Fulfill the Requirement:

  • HIS 241 The American Frontier
  • HIS 251 Introduction to American Society
  • HIS 302 Colonial America
  • HIS 303 Revolution and the Early Republic, 1763-1828
  • HIS 316 Recent American History (1945-Present)
  • HIS 318 American Diplomatic History
  • HIS 321 African American History to 1877