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History Honors Society

See the History department blog for recent award inductees.

PHI ALPHA THETA (ΦΑΘ) is an American honor society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of history. The society has over 350,000 members, with about 9,500 new members joining each year through 860 local chapters.

Phi Alpha Theta was established on March 17, 1921 at the University of Arkansas by Professor Nels Cleven. Cleven had become convinced in his time at the university that a community of scholars (which would accept men or women) was important for the study of history. He invited students to a meeting to form the society (then called the "University Historical Society") on March 14, and the society was officially recognized on the 17th. In April, the decision was made for the society to be known by the Greek letters Phi Alpha Theta.

ALPHA MU ALPHA, the Eastern Connecticut State University chapter of Phi Alpha Theta was chartered on May 10, 2005. Each spring semester, usually in February, qualified students are invited to join. An induction ceremony, followed by dinner, takes place in April.

A one-time initiation fee of $55.00 per student is payable prior to the induction ceremony. This fee includes a membership certificate, honor cords in the Phi Alpha Theta colors of blue and red to be worn at Commencement, and four issues of the journal, The Historian. All students who join the honor society are granted lifetime membership, with no annual dues.

Membership Qualifications

  • Junior or Senior class standing
  • Overall GPA 3.5 or higher
  • At least 15 credits in History completed
  • At least 12 credits in History completed at Eastern
  • GPA in History classes 3.5 or higher

Membership Benefits

Members of Phi Alpha Theta are eligible to apply for the honor society's awards and scholarships offered each year. Phi Alpha Theta awards scholarships and other prizes on the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. All student members are eligible to present a paper at the Biennial Convention and at the Phi Alpha Theta Regional Meeting in their area. For a detailed listing of the extensive awards program, visit the Prizes/Awards sections of

2014 Phi Alpha Theta Induction

On April 7, 2014, fourteen new members were inducted to the Phi Alpha Theta at Eastern. President Elsa Núñez welcomed the students faculty, and family and friends of the inductees.

Dr. Roland Clark served as Master of Ceremonies.

The induction address was given by Professor Luther Spoehr. Professor Spoehr teaches History at Brown University in Rhode Island, focusing on the history of American higher education and the history of American school reform, giving him a unique perspective on History as a profession. He also does work on best practices in the teaching of history and frequently consults with schools and school systems that want to improve their history teaching. His address was entitled: "Does it Matter that Carl Yastrzemski Hit .301 in 1968? Some Thoughts on Historical Thinking."

Phi Alpha Theta new members 2014: John P. Allen, Abby J. Arisco, Nicholas G. Cecere, Dr. Bradley C. Davis, Emily H. Dwelley, Joseph L. Garzone, Margaret Kurnyk, Kevin M. MacVane, Meagan Rose McCane, Brandon Thomas Nickle, Michael A. O'Neill, Victoria L. Schell, Erin Renee Strickland, Shannon J. Williamson

Initiation of New Members April 11, 2013

Kaitlin Baldi, Ryan Blejewski, Kayla Briggs, Katherine Buyse, Ashley Cavanaugh, Dr. Roland Clark, Renee Drouin, Nathan Ellingwood, Nathan Gagnon, Christine Geer, Noan Goldberg-Bohr, Amy Hietala, Zachary Marotte, Richard O'Donnell III, Jessica Somero, Christos Stravoravdis, Logan Tonucci, Kelsey Tuller, Stephanie Walsh, Lindsay Witkoski, Melissa Zablonski, David Zemina