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History Major

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Why Study History?

Everything that happens today is influenced by or a direct result of the human history that precedes it. Historians identify and comment on social and historical trends so that current and future generations can learn from the past. History students develop invaluable skills and an enhanced capacity for informed citizenship, critical thinking and a broad cultural awareness.

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Why Study History at Eastern?

History majors at Eastern learn to understand the historical background of modern society, politics, economy and culture. They cultivate active skills in research and writing that help them prepare for graduate school and careers in education, law, government, journalism and many other professions. Eastern is the only Connecticut state university with an undergraduate digital history lab. A History minor is available to non-History majors.

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  • The American Studies concentration in the History major allows students to pursue interests in American society and culture. They can choose from a variety of courses in U.S. history and literature, art, political science, sociology and other disciplines that study the United States in its broadest aspects.

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Salary Potential


Median salary, Historians


Salary Range

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Hands-on Learning

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Learning Opportunities

History students experience the world of history through the History Club, research assistantships, internships, and field trips, as they engage historical sites, museums and historical societies.

History Club
Students and Professor in Jordan

Study Abroad

History faculty have lead student groups on study trips to Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Global Field Courses
Members of Alpha Mu Alpha

History Honor Society

History students have the opportunity to be inducted into the Alpha Mu Alpha chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta national history honor society.

Career Options

  • Education
  • Public History
  • Publishing/Media
  • Libraries
  • Government
  • Foreign Service
  • Politics
  • Law/Law Enforcement
  • Business

Successful Alumni

Eastern’s History graduates have developed successful careers in government, foreign policy, business, journalism, and in public history settings and libraries. Others are employed as teachers in public and private schools throughout Connecticut. Many History students choose to attend graduate school to continue their education in a variety of fields.

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For more information
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In the News

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Eastern inducts hundreds into honor societies in spring 2024

May 16, 2024

More than 20 academic programs and departments at Eastern Connecticut State University recognized student achievements this spring 2024 semester during honor society inductions and award ceremonies.

Jeff Benedict ’91 shares insight into storytelling and making ‘The Dynasty’

Bestselling author Jeff Benedict ’91 presents ‘The Dynasty’ to his alma mater

March 06, 2024

Jeff Benedict ‘91 visited Eastern Connecticut State University on March 5 to discuss “The Dynasty,” his nonfiction book-turned-television docuseries about the New England Patriots’ dominance in the National Football League from 2001 to 2019.

girl transcribing

Warriors transcribe Black history at Douglass Day

February 22, 2024

This year’s Douglass Day Transcribe-a-Thon at Eastern Connecticut State University gave students, faculty and staff the opportunity to celebrate Black History month by transcribing historical documents.

Alumni Testimonials

Quanece Williams
Cornell University

Quanece Williams ’16

Quanece earned her law degree at Cornell and works for a law firm in New York City. “My Eastern experience was transformative. As a student, I took rigorous courses, conducted research, served as a teacher’s assistant, and went on a global field course to Europe. I learned to think critically, seize new opportunities and strengthen my leadership skills.”

Morgan Considine ’16

Morgan Considine ’16

Morgan is director of data for the Connecticut School Finance Project, an organization that provides nonpartisan information about education finance to state and local governments. “History is intertwined with a lot of subjects, including government. Government analyses are done from a historical perspective; we want to understand what’s been done in the past in order to inform decision making in the present.”

Alex Cross ’12
Student Life

Alex Cross ’12

Alex is the dean of students at American International College in Springfield, MA. “My experiences as a double major and resident assistant (RA) led me to a job in the career field I wanted, helped me develop lifelong mentors, and made me marketable across the field.”

Zachary Marotte ’14
Tsunami Tsolutions

Zachary Marotte ’14

Zachary is a technical records analyst at Tsunami Tsolutions. “My history degree taught me to question every source of information I receive for accuracy. It also gave me the ability to look for trends in metadata so that my analysis is more complete.”

Eugene Bertrand
Documentary Film

Eugene Bertrand ’24

Eugene received a grant to develop a documentary about the migrant labor that drove Connecticut’s tobacco industry. “As someone with a Caribbean background, I think it’s vital to understand the impact that Caribbean people have made to Connecticut… Contributing to this documentary is a way to thank my ancestors for all the hard work they’ve put in the past to ensure I had a better future.”

Allen Horn

Allen Horn ’21

Allen is pursuing a master’s degree in history at the University of Maine. At Eastern, he received the Undergraduate Paper Prize from the New England Historical Association. “My career aspiration is to go into a public history job such as a national park site or a museum. I hope to educate people on the history of horses in 19th-century America through both presentations and writings.”

Nate Fontaine

Nathan Fontaine ’22

Nathan interned in Eastern’s Title IX office in spring 2022. He assisted in outreach, conducted case studies and supported online training. He credits the internship for bettering his critical thinking and professional etiquette skills and preparing for graduate school at Springfield College in higher education student affairs. “Don’t be afraid to reach out because internships are the best opportunities to gain experience.”

Eugene Bertrand
Columbia University

Eugene Bertrand '24

Eugene will be attending Columbia University’s Master of Social Work program. “My honors thesis at Eastern presented me with numerous academic challenges that ultimately strengthened my skills and resilience. From formulating a research question to conducting an extensive historiography supported my intellectual engagement and problem-solving. After completing his master's degree, Eugene hopes to work for the Department of Veteran Affairs and pursue a law degree.

Adam Brzozowski ’08
Research Analytics

Adam Brzozowski ’08

Adam earned his MBA at Quinnipiac University and is the vice president of data insights and analytics at Health Outlook Corp. “Studying history has helped me to see the world from a multicultural perspective that spans different time periods. The past is filled with examples of how and how not to lead people. I often draw on these lessons when trying to imagine a different future.”

Tyler Hinde ’16
Peace Corps

Tyler Hinde ’16

History major Tyler Hinde is teaching English in Indonesia as a Peace Corps volunteer. “Eastern’s history program taught me to evaluate information for bias, relevance, accuracy and more. I learned about historical events and time periods and developed my written and oral communication skills. All of these qualities have helped me succeed as a student and a teacher.”

Miles Wilkerson
Postdoctoral Fellow

Miles Wilkerson ’15

History major Miles Wilkerson received his Ph.D. in history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he is a graduate fellow. “Eastern’s history program offered unparalleled mentorship, training and community. I may not have been able to attend one of the world’s top graduate research schools if not for this special university.”