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Asian Studies Minor

The Asian Studies Minor encourages students to make interdisciplinary connections while introducing them to the rich histories and cultures of East, Central, South, and Southeast Asia, regions that have made major contributions to the human experience. With particular strengths in East Asia (China, Japan, Korea), Southeast Asia (including Vietnam), South Asia (including India), and Central Asia, the Asian Studies Minor complements an array of majors, including business, communication, history, visual and performing arts, political science, philosophy, and education. The minor also enables students to gain the sort of cultural competency that many employers value, particularly in the fields of international business, government service, academia, and non-government organization (NGO) work. Recent graduates have also continued to pursue the study of Asia outside the United States, studying in Japan, Indonesia, and elsewhere.

Required Courses (5 Courses – 15 Credits)

The minor consists of a minimum of five (5) courses and a minimum of fifteen (15) credit hours. Courses may be chosen from the following list and must include courses from at least two (2) disciplines.

Asia-themed courses not on this list or degree evaluations require the consent of the Program Coordinator, prof. Soojin Kim(

Further Requirements

  • Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses completed for the minor.
  • No more than two courses in an Asian language may count toward the minor. (Note: JPN 116, JPB 216, CHI 216 are not language courses.)
  • No more than two special topics courses, colloquia, independent studies, seminars, and study-abroad or travel courses may count toward the minor with the consent of the Program Coordinator.
  • A minimum of three courses in the minor must be taken in residence at Eastern.
  • Nine credit hours must be unique to the minor and not shared with other majors or minors.


Faculty Teaching Asian Studies Courses

  • Bradley Camp Davis - History
  • Maeve Doyle - Art and Art History
  • Soojin Kim - Art and Art History
  • Ana Funes-Maderey - Philosophy
  • Okon Hwang - Music
  • Stefan Kamola - History
  • Malee Khow - Kinesiology and Physical Education
  • Kelly Madenjian - Kinesiology and Physical Education
  • David Pellegrini - Theatre
  • Jordan R. Youngblood - English
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For More Information and Academic Advising

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