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Previous History Department Awards

See the History department blog for recent award winners.

Outstanding Majors 2015

Outstanding History Student: Margaret Kurnyk
Outstanding History/Social Sciences Student(s): Melissa Zablonski and Christine Geer
Outstanding History/American Studies Student: Alyssa Dubicki
Outstanding Part-Time History Student: Jared Leitzel
Service to the Department Award: Dan Flanagan (office); Joe Garzone (History Club)
History Department Student Marshal (Commencement): Logan Tonucci

Best Seminar Papers in 2015

Joe Garzone, "Hartford Paesani: Social Mobility of Italian Americans in the 20th Century."
Clint Gosselin, "Parliamentary Debates during the Glorious Revolution (1688): The Comparison of Arguments and Beliefs between the House of Lords and the House of Commons."
Margaret Kurnyk, "The Bases of Integration: Immigrants and Baseball in Willimantic, CT, 1910-39."

Outstanding Majors 2014

Outstanding Transfer History Student: Amy Hietala
Outstanding History Student: Katherine Buyse
Outstanding History/American Studies Student: Kayla Briggs

Best Seminar Papers in the Spring Semester 2014

Adam White, "The Atomic Bomb and the Early Cold War: Russia, the Decision to Drop the Bomb and the Nuclear Arms Race"

Best Seminar Papers in the Fall Semester 2013

Miles Wilkerson, "Nunca Olvide: Reframing the History of Cuban Exile Terrorism."

Ian Woolfenden, "Conflict in Kosovo."

John Allen, "The Food Administration of Herbert Hoover and American Voluntarism in the First World War"

Outstanding Majors 2013

History: Rebecca Belcher
History and Social Science Major: Sarah Bartosiak
History/American Studies: Sylvie Chho

Best Seminar Papers for Fall 2012

Shannon Andros, "Salvador Allende and the Destruction of the Chilean Economy"
Alexander Tracy, "The Rise and Fall of the North American Soccer League's Hartford Club"
David Holmes, "Rugby at Eastern Connecticut State University"