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History Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to demonstrate historical thinking by:

    • Identifying historical societies with a sensitivity to their unique geographic, chronological, cultural, social, and technological settings
    • Analyzing historical artifacts, including texts and objects created by post societies, as evidence for the historical experience of those societies
    • Assessing multiple types of historical causation, such as geography and ecology, cultural precedent and belief, and unique events and circumstances
    • Formulating well-reasoned historical arguments or conclusions
  • Students will be able to demonstrate historical writing by:

    • Recognizing and utilizing language and format appropriate for a specific intended audience
    • Synthesizing ideas, perspectives, and primary and secondary sources to formulate original analytical arguments
    • Employing appropriate conventions to produce discipline-appropriate written work
    • Presenting the results of original research in a compelling and convincing manner.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate historical literacy by:

    • Articulating the difference between historical fact and historical interpretation based on primary sources
    • Identifying relevant secondary sources on a subject and how secondary sources create historiography
    • Employing appropriate evidence in constructing a historical argument; and
    • Using quantitative methods, when appropriate, to articulate a historical argument
  • Students will be able to demonstrate historical ethical reasoning by:

    • Identifying ethically significant issues as the consequences of historical processes
    • Analyzing the ethical positions of past and present societies, including societies other than their own
    • Considering the cultural and professional obligations of historical research and writing
    • Reflecting on the impact of historical events and decisions on their own ethical positions