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History Learning Outcomes

    • Articulating a knowledge of historical periods and chronological terms
    • Distinguishing between primary and secondary sources
    • Locating places on world map. d. Demonstrating the difference between historical fact and historical interpretation based on primary sources
    • Locating materials in Eastern’s library catalog and online databases
    • Properly citing sources
    • Distinguishing between appropriate and inappropriate sources for historical research
    • Contextualizing primary sources
    • Reading and analyzing primary sources in an appropriate way
    • Writing analytically about historical topics using primary sources
    • Explaining the basic concept of historiography and historical interpretation
    • Evaluating secondary sources in terms of thesis, appropriate audience, etc.
    • Writing critically about secondary sources
    • Writing in a way that utilizes basic conventions such as appropriate tense, voice, etc.
    • Articulating the different forms of historical writing and the appropriate conventions for each form
    • Expressing an understanding of the importance of proper citation to prevent plagiarism