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Scott Moore - Associate Professor, History, History and Social Sciences

Ph.D., University of Maryland


Scott MooreWhat led you to Eastern?

“I always knew I wanted to be at a university that not only valued faculty research but teaching as well — and Eastern seemed like the perfect fit. Its commitment to the liberal arts and to having an engaged faculty that works closely with students was exactly what I was looking for.”

What is your favorite class to teach at Eastern?

“Although I am known for my Monsters in European Culture and Folklore class, my favorite class to teach is Central European History. It is a subject that is closely related to my research, and it is also an area of history that most have not had much exposure to. It’s satisfying when students talk about how much they’ve learned about this region at the end of the semester.”

What is your teaching philosophy?

“From a technical standpoint, I believe that students should know what I expect of them and what should expect from me at the beginning of the semester. For instance, I make my courses as challenging and as rigorous as possible, but in a way where there are no surprises to the students throughout our time together. From a more philosophical perspective, it is enjoyable to get the opportunity to share why I am interested in what I do, while hopefully instilling the same sense of excitement in my students.”

What research or creative projects have you engaged in recently?

“Most recently, I have been finishing a book which I started when COVID travel restriction limited my ability to go on research trips.  Titled ‘The Witch of Pungo: Grace Sherwood in Virginia History and Legend,’ it examines a witch trial in Colonial Virginia and the long-term cultural impact of it. It combines aspects of both history and folklore, and I hope to convey the longitudinal effects of the trial.”

I find it rewarding to see students who have not previously engaged with history realize how much they enjoy it by the end of the semester.

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Memorable moments at Eastern?

“My most memorable moments here at Eastern usually come from different ends of the spectrum.  On one hand, I find it rewarding to see students who have not previously engaged with history become excited by it by the end of the semester. On the other hand, I enjoy working with students who are already passionate about history, particularly when it comes to being able to work with them in class discussions, projects and independent studies.”

Advice for students going into history?

“I urge students to approach history by being as open as possible to learning about time periods and places they haven’t had a lot of prior exposure to. Students often come from high school with most of their history knowledge surrounding American History, but there is so much more to learn about as well. I suggest that students consider how we come to know and understand history. For me, it is important to also think about how we have thought about history through time, the changing of understandings, and where and when historians disagree with each other.”

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Hi, Professor Moore! Your teaching is clear and precise, and your passion is palpable. Every class is not only extremely inciteful but also very entertaining. You always manage to catch our attention and keep it for the full hour.
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