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Roth and Tucker Scholarships

See the History department blog for recent award winners.

In 1985, this endowed scholarship was established in remembrance of David M. Roth, renowned Connecticut historian and Eastern history professor of 23 years. It is awarded to a History or History and Social Science major with distinguished academic performance and with evidence of initiative and leadership in the field. The student will also demonstrate unmet financial need.

The History faculty recommends the junior History major with the highest academic accomplishment for the David M. Roth Scholarship.

1987 Margaret Caton
1988 John Wheeler
1989 Eric Christiansen
1990 Joann Koch
1991 No award
1992 Christopher Hill
1993 Kerstin Katko
1994 James Wiese
1995 Monique St. Jean
1996 Geraldine Haddad
1997 Dennis Doyle
1998 John Chapdelaine
1999 Deborah Gray
2000 Michael Murphy
2001 Asa O'Brien
2002 Ashley Stevens
2003 Robyn Rodriguez
2004 Meaghan Kehoegreen
2005 Kelly Gardner
2006 Adam Brzozowski
2007 Hailie Bomster
2008 Baron Faiola
2009 Alexis Cavanaugh
2010 Michael Tierney
2011 Jennifer Levesque
2012 Sylvie Chho
2013 Christine Geer
2014 Ryan Blejewski
2015 William Malcolm
2016 Michael Lisitano

Ryan Blejewski

Ann and Kenneth Tucker Scholarship

Barbara M. Tucker, professor of history and director of the David M. Roth Center, established this endowed scholarship in November 2000 for Connecticut Studies. It is to be awarded each year to one full-time student in financial need who has completed 45 credits at Eastern, is a History or History/Social Sciences major, has completed five history courses at Eastern, and has a minimum GPA of 3.25.

2003 Kristina Zizik
2004 Larissa Krawec
2005 Amber Monroe
2006 Sandra Boscarino
2007 Baron Faiola
2008 Cody Guarnieri/Tim Galipeau
2009 Lauren Townley
Steven Walker
2010 Katie Kehoegreen
Genevieve Nowosad
2011 Katie Kehoegreen
2012 Christos Stravoradis
2013 Joseph Garzone
2014 Michael O'Neill
2015 Quanece Williams
2016 Sara Dean
2017 Taryn McCabe

Michael O'Neill