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Teacher Certification Admissions

Annual CARE Talk

It's time again for the annual CARE Talk!  Dr. Mark Fabrizi will be talking about the teacher certification admissions process and answering your questions about the education program.  This virtual event will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 6, at 3:00 PM in the FAIC Concert Hall. This is a great time to become a teacher in Connecticut, so please join us if you are considering a career in the rewarding field of education.

If you missed the live CARE Talk, Please click here to view the recorded video.  

CARE (the Committee for Admission and Retention in Education) manages the entrance to, progress through, and exit from Eastern's teacher certification program for all candidates--undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate. The policies of the committee are outlined clearly in the CARE Policies document. Application information can be found below.

Applying to the Teacher Certification Programs

All undergraduate applicants must apply online through Tk20, an electronic data management system: Undergraduate Application (due Feb. 15)

The application is free and does not have to be completed at once. You can add materials to your application as you gather them, as long as the application is complete before the deadline. Only complete applications will be considered. You can apply to Early Childhood Education (ECE) for Pre-K- Grade 3 certification (with a special education endorsement), Elementary Education (ELE) for grades 1-6, Secondary Education (SEC) for grades 7-12, and Physical Education (HPE) for preK-12 certification.

CARE Application Information

The application deadlines

Fall admission:
  • February 15
  • August 1 (Transfer students only)
HPE admission:
  • August 1, October 1, December 1, February 15

Undergraduate applicants are eligible for admission if they have earned 45-60 credits which usually occurs in the middle of the sophomore year.

What materials do I need to submit with my application?

What are the requirements for the service hours?

Having experience working with children can help you know whether the teaching profession is right for you. We require that applicants to the undergraduate program spend at least 20 hours working with children before applying to the Education Program at Eastern. The children you work with should represent a diverse pool of students and should be approximately comparable to the age of students with whom you intend to work as an educator. Half of this time may be paid (e.g., as paid camp counselor or daycare employee); the rest should be voluntary (e.g., as an unpaid coach or tutor, or as a volunteer in a community program such as Big Brother/Big Sister). Babysitting does NOT count—sorry!

Who evaluates my application?

All applications are evaluated by the Committee for Admission and Retention in Education (CARE), a group of Education Department faculty who represent all of the education programs. CARE monitors all candidate admission to, progress through, and exit from the Education Program. Remember: CARE is not the program; it is the committee that oversees the program.

When will I find out if I am accepted to the program?

Soon after the application deadline, CARE will evaluate each application and render a decision. Because CARE meets monthly, you may not find out the status of your application for up to six weeks. Be patient. We will let you know as soon as possible.

What is the deal with the Praxis I test?

The CT State Department of Education (SDE) no longer requires applicants to pass the Praxis I for state certification. However, state law requires that all teacher candidates must demonstrate basic skills competency through scores from standardized tests (such as the Praxis I) for program admission. Applicants have two options:
  1. Pass the Praxis I (comprised of three tests: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics)
    Note: The Praxis I may be taken multiple times, if necessary.
  2. Apply for a waiver if you have sufficient SAT, ACT, or GRE:
    1. SAT: Score a minimum of 540 on the Reading and Writing, and 530 on Mathematics
    2. ACT: Score a minimum of 21 on the Reading, 20 on the English, and 20 on the Mathematics subtests
    3. GRE: Score a minimum of 150 on the Verbal, 144 on the Mathematics, and 4.5 on the Writing subtests; and have a combined Verbal/Math score of at least 297

Candidates who do not pass the Praxis and are not eligible for a waiver may A) re-take the failed section(s) of the Praxis I, or B) take alternate courses offered by Eastern and pass with a grade of “C” or better. Candidates who do not pass the Reading and/or Writing Praxis may take the Stage 2 Writing requirement in their major, and candidates who do not pass the Math Praxis may take MAT 135, MAT 135P, MAT 139P, MAT 195, or MAT 243. These courses must be successfully completed prior to student teaching.

What do I do if I didn't get into the Education program?

If you are not admitted to the undergraduate Education Program, you will be told the reasons so that you may improve on the area(s) of deficiency for the future. If you are undergraduate applying in your sophomore year, you can apply as a senior for the Early Start Option (see below). Or you can wait until you have graduated from Eastern, then apply to our traditional graduate program which usually takes three semesters to complete. It is best to discuss your options with an Education Department faculty member.

The Early Start Option

The Early Start Option enables candidates to enroll in introductory education courses during the spring semester of their senior year. After graduating, you will continue taking graduate-level courses over the summer. In the fall, you begin taking courses as a full-time graduate student, and you will complete the program in the spring, graduating with a Master of Education degree and eligible for certification. This is a great option for students who decide to become teachers later in their college experience. Pursuing this option still requires acceptance to the Education Program. Early Start applications must be submitted in time for the Fall Semester deadlines which occur on the first of the month, September through January. October 1 is considered “Early Start Option Priority Admission.” Apply at Early Start Option (due on the 1st of each month from Sep. to Jan.).

Cross-Endorsement Options

Eastern offers numerous opportunities for students to obtain multiple teaching endorsements after they have earned their initial certification, including secondary English, Mathematics, History/Social Studies, Biology, and Earth Science as well as preK-12 Art, Music, Special Education, and TESOL. Requirements vary by certification area, but candidates may contact Dr. Mark Fabrizi for more information or download this cross-endorsement pamphlet.

Note: Applying for additional endorsements is the responsibility of the student. The Education Department strongly recommends that candidates wishing to cross-endorse should contact the CT State Department of Education to ensure they have taken the proper content coursework.

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