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Educational & Clinical Experiences

Eastern Connecticut State University's teacher candidates engage in a range of authentic clinical experiences over four successive semesters. Clinical experiences also referred to as field experiences, are designed to deepen candidates' understanding of teaching practices, and connect educational theory to practice. While engaged in live classrooms, future teachers learn instructional skills and develop management techniques that promote positive school climate.

Each of the four Education programs: Early Childhood, Elementary, Physical Education, and Secondary Education provides a unique blend of guided instruction at diverse sites within their specific discipline and grade levels. These initial teaching experiences prepare candidates for the more rigorous demands of student teaching as they acquire a consistent progression of competencies. Initial clinical assignments are typically weekly visits intended for small group or co-teaching apprenticeship followed by a practicum, pre-student teaching, and intensive clinical work culminating in a full-time student teaching placement.

NOTE: Graduate candidates will have a similar progression that may follow a three-semester duration depending upon pre-requisites and course load.  

Mary-Grace Shifrin
Coordinator for Educational
& Clinical Experience
Webb Hall. Room 144

Jill Skowrenski
University Assistant
Certification & Clinical Placement
Webb Hall, Room 143

Lucinda Marsalisi
University Assistant
Social Media & Clinical Placement
Webb Hall, Room 124

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