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Update - Pre-Education & Education Students

I have some good news to share for those who were not able to submit their receipts from last grant year. You may be eligible for reimbursements for expenses that took place between July 1, 2022, through September 20, 2024.

The following expenses are eligible for reimbursements. You may apply multiple times. You may also apply for the same type of expense more than once as well. These are the expenses that qualify:

  • EdTPA
  • Praxis Core
  • Praxis II
  • Foundations of Reading
  • Early Childhood
  • Background check/Fingerprinting
  • Certification Fees

You will need to do TWO things to qualify for the reimbursement. PLEASE DO NOT complete the form until you are ready to apply for a reimbursement.

  1. Please complete this form as we need to collect some information for the State Grant and our records.
  2. Please also complete the Request for Payment (RFP) available in the form. The RFP must be brought to the Education office. There are directions on the form as to  how it MUST be completed, or it cannot be processed.

You will need receipts for charges for each expense. These receipts can be printouts of invoices from your online order. This is explained on the form.

You will need your EIN #. You must have one to apply for the grant, and you will need one for other reasons both in your Eastern program and as an educator; please visit:

Please note that reimbursements are completed in batches, so it can take multiple weeks to process.

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Email Dean Colwell at Subject: G4EPP Grant Questions

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