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Department of Education

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The mission of the Education Department is (1) to prepare reflective, responsive professional educators with evidence-based teaching skills and strategies to support P-12 students in their learning and development in a global community, and (2) to advocate for best practices for all students in diverse educational environments.

The Education Department is committed to:

  • Building knowledge upon candidates' experience, which leads to learner-centered practice
  • Instilling an appreciation of individuality and multiculturalism within a national and global context
  • Creating and adapting general education environments for all learners, including those with exceptionalities
  • Developing open-minded, reflective problem solvers who are lifelong learners
  • Promoting student-centered, teacher-facilitated instruction and authentic assessment that integrate traditional and technology-enhanced approaches
  • Advocating for children
  • Fostering family and community involvement
All the certification programs at Eastern prepare our teacher candidates to understand and implement the Connecticut Common Core of Teaching (CCCT).
Dr. Darren Robert
Webb Hall, Rm.129
(860) 465-5184
(860) 465-5099
Associate Chair
Dr. Xing Liu
Webb Hall, Rm. 153
(860) 465-5167
(860) 465-5099
Eva Von Edwins
Webb Hall, Rm. 124
(860) 465-4530
(860) 465-5099
CAEP Accredited Provider

* During Summer/Winter, please contact the department chair/associate chair with any questions

Pre-Early Childhood Education
Dr. Theresa Bouley
(860) 465-0069
Pre-Elementary Education
Dr. Susannah Richards
(860) 465-5210
Pre-Secondary Math
Dr. Sudha Swaminathan
(860) 465-4535
Pre-Secondary Science
Dr. Laura Rodriguez
(860) 465-4372
Pre-Secondary History / Social Studies
Dr. David Stoloff
(860) 465-5501
Pre-Secondary English
Dr. Mark Fabrizi
(860) 465-0659
Coordinator for Educational and Clinical Experience
Mary-Grace Shifrin
Webb Hall, Rm. 144
(860) 465-0111
(860) 465-5099
System Administrator
Robert Johnson
Webb Hall, Rm. 124
(860) 465-4534
(860) 465-5099
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Eastern’s teacher preparation program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).  

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Programs of Study

  • Eastern graduates the greatest number of Early Childhood majors in Connecticut. Early Childhood students become communities of learners as they prepare to become future teachers in a cohort model. Faculty members and teacher candidates are active participants in the nationally renowned Center for Early Childhood Education and the nationally accredited model preschool Child and Family Development Resource Center, and as partners in regional schools throughout eastern Connecticut. Graduates can earn their advanced master’s degree in Education at Eastern with one additional year of study.

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  • Recognized by Colleges of Distinction and ranked number one in New England by the National Council on Teacher Quality, The Elementary Education major at Eastern prepares entry-level professionals to teach in elementary school classrooms. Teacher candidates gain competence in pedagogy; academic content areas; educational technology; and knowledge integration, while demonstrating how to create learning environments to support student diversity. Eastern’s program includes liberal art core electives, a dual major in a subject area, and hands-on student teaching experiences. Graduates can earn their advanced master’s degree in Education at Eastern with one additional year of study.

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  • The Liberal Studies major at Eastern is offered exclusively to students who are preparing to become elementary or early childhood educators. Students may complete the undergraduate education program or enroll in the Early Start master’s degree program to earn their certification. The program offers concentrations in the Natural Sciences, History/Social Sciences, English, Mathematics and Environmental Earth Sciences to prepare students for certification as early childhood or elementary teachers and develop in-depth expertise in a single subject.

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  • The Physical Education major is designed for students who have a love of physical education and a special interest in working in sport and exercise activities. The program provides excellent preparation for careers in school physical education programs and other related agencies such as YMCAs, YWCAs, boys and girls clubs, and city or town public and private recreation programs and clubs. The major emphasizes studies in exercise science, instructional philosophy, and pedagogical analysis and techniques. The hallmark of this distinctive program is extensive clinical field experiences in public schools and professional agencies. A Physical Education minor is available to non-PE majors.

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  • Candidates preparing for teaching careers in grades 7-12 take a major in five subject areas, in addition to the Secondary Education Certification concentration. Applicable subjects include English, Mathematics, Environmental Earth Science, History/Social Studies and Biology. Teacher candidates gain skills in content pedagogy, cultural competence, data literacy, educational technology and in differentiating for diverse learners.

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