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All teacher candidates at Eastern Connecticut State University must purchase a Tk20 student account.

With Tk20, students will have a centralized online system for: 

  • Storing coursework assignments, clinical experience binders, edTPA portfolio contents, and other materials relevant for program and or certification requirements.
  • Collaborating with peers and receiving timely feedback from instructors. 
  • Developing multiple, personalized ePortfolios that can be shared with anyone, including potential employers.

Student Information

    • Once you have been admitted into CARE, you will need to register for a paid Tk20 account.
      • Do not use this process to apply for CARE. Refer to this guide: Instructions for Creating and Submitting an Application for CARE.pdf to apply to CARE.
        1. Access Tk20 via: preferably using Google Chrome or Apple Safari.
        2. Click to purchase account.
          1. Do not enter anything into the Username and Password fields.
        3. You will be presented with the option to pay with a credit card or charge it to your student bill via the bookstore purchase method. However, Tk20 will only be able to process a refund if you paid with a credit card.
        4. Complete all the fields with an *.
          1. The name information you enter should match what is Banner.
          2. For the Email address, you will need to use your Eastern email address.
        • Once you have successfully registered for an account, additional processing needs to occur in order for the account to be activated. This can take anywhere from overnight to a couple of weeks depending on the situation.
        • You will be using this account to complete all your subsequent Tk20 related tasks.
    • Some general information on Tk20
    • Access to Tk20 by Watermark
    • Students will need to submit an application for ALL clinical experiences, including both Clinicals (Core 1 and 2), the Special Education Practicum or Pre-Student Teaching (Core 3), and Student Teaching (Core 4) field experiences.
      • Students will need a paid Tk20 account in order to log field experience tasks.
      • Applications are due the first FRIDAY of the semester prior to the clinical experience (In January for the following fall semester and in August for the following spring semester).
      • A complete student teaching application includes a professional resume and cover letter, approved by the candidate's Education advisor.
      • Submitting a Tk20 Field Experience Application (pdf)
    • Once a placement has been made, students will need to complete designated tasks in Tk20

Host Teacher Information

University Supervisor Information

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