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History and Social Science Major: BA Degree Requirements

History & Social Science Major Advisement Audit Form - Pre-Fall 2022

History & Social Science Major Advisement Audit Form – Fall 2022 onward

I. Required Courses (16 credits)

  • HIS 200^ Historical Research and Writing - 4 credits
  • Choose one:
    • HIS 115 Intro Early World History - 3 credits
    • HIS 116 Modern World History - 3 credits
  • Choose one:
    • HIS 120* The Early American Experience, 1607-1877 - 3 credits
    • HIS 121* The Recent American Experience, 1877 – present - 3 credits
  • Choose one:
    • HIS 230** European History Before 1500 - 3 credits
    • HIS 231** European History Since 1500 - 3 credits

II. History Electives (15 credits)

Only one of these electives may be taken at the 200-level. Two of these electives must be in courses with substantial United States content (excluding HIS 310); two must be in courses with significant course content covering parts of the world other than the U.S. (Europe, Asia, or Latin America). The fifth elective may come from any area. Students with questions about course selection should check with the History Department or with their major advisor.

III. Social Science Electives (12 credits)

Majors select four courses from the following disciplines. Students seeking certification as secondary school teachers should select courses from at least four different disciplines (Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology) and should consult their academic advisors about appropriate courses to meet current state certification requirements.

IV. Seminar or Colloquium^^ (4 credits)

One seminar (HIS 400, 406, 407, or 420). This fulfills the University requirement for a writingintensive course. This seminar also fulfills the LAC Tier III: Independent Study.

*approved reuse to meet Liberal Arts Core Tier I Historical Perspectives

**approved reuse to meet Liberal Arts Core Tier II Cultural Perspectives

***approved substitution to meet Liberal Arts Core Tier II Individuals and Societies

^meets Stage 2 University Writing Requirement

^^meets Stage 3 University Writing Requirement