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Students and Postdocs




At Eastern Connecticut State University (2013 - ):


Haibo Yang (2018-19) Visiting PhD Scholar, Kinematics, timing and mountain building processes along active fault systems on the northern Tibetan margin and in the southern Beishan region, China

Dominic Livoti, James Wargo and Madison Knox (2018-19), Lithological and Structural Evolution of the Soapstone Mtn Metagabbro Complex, Somers, CT

Madison Knox (2018-19), Poly-deformational geological history between Colchester and south Salem, CT: Documenting the mid-crustal structure north and south of the Honey Hill Fault Zone

Benjamin van Dine (2018-19), Petrographic evidence for a cryptic ophiolitic suture in western Connecticut

Madison Knox (2017-18), Structural geology of rocks within and adjacent to the Honey Hill Fault Zone, Salem, CT

Katherine Hope (2017-18), Pegmatite mineralogy and mining legacy of the Haddam District, Connecticut

Kevin Lacy (2016-17) Structural Evolution of the Lantern Hill Silicified Fracture System, North Stonington, CT

Luke Davis (2016-17) Developing Geological Learning Units for Community Outreach and Recruitment Enhancement

Rachel Mackewicz (2015-16), A structural and petrographic study of the Lebanon Gabbro, eastern Connecticut

Trent Stevens (2015-16), A cryptic suture in western Connecticut? A petrographic study of talc, tremolite, serpentinite and kyanite schists in the Harwinton-New Hartford region

Kevin Mokoski (2014-15), Structural architecture of the Valley Falls and Bolton Notch staurolite schist belt, Vernon-Bolton, CT

Ujjwal Davda (2014), Polyphase evolution of agmatitic and migmatitic gneiss complexes in coastal exposures of New London County, CT

Mackenzie Fannon, (2103-14), Geological characteristics and kinematic history of super-eruption derived ignimbrite units along the Yellowstone hot spot track, Brown's Bench, southern Idaho

Anthony Sylvester, (2103-14), Lithological characteristics and kinematic history of a major ignimbrite sequence, Shoshone Hills, southern Idaho

Daniel Grondin, (2103-14), Rheomorphic folds in super-hot ignimbrites from the southern Snake River Plain, Idaho

Matthew Gonsalves, (2103-14), Structural and Petrological Analysis of the Soapstone Mtn Metagabbro Complex, Somers, CT

Catherine Carr, (2103-14), Gem-Producing Pegmatites of the Haddam and Glastonbury Districts, CT


At The University of Leicester (1996-2012):


Jason Ramsdale: (M.Geol. thesis, 2012), The effect of sea level rise on coastal Vietnam: A quantitative approach

Callum Ginbey: (M.Geol. thesis, 2012), Structural and lithological setting of the Paguanta Mineral District, northern Chile

Ade Bland: (M.Geol. thesis, 2012), Deformation of the Yamana Plutonic Suite, Cordillera Darwin, Chile

Alex Robbins: (M.Geol. thesis, 2012), Structural Analysis of bedrock joints in Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire

Tim Merrick (M.Geol. thesis, 2012), A remote sensing investigation of glacial retreat in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru

William Swinnerton (M.Geol. thesis, 2012), The effects of sea level rise and coastal flooding on the Greater London Area

Rowan Vernon (Ph.D., U. of Leicester, 2011-14), Mountain Building Processes in the Tibetan Foreland: The Precambrian-Recent Evolution of the Dunhuang Block, NW China

Emmanuel Arhin (Ph.D., U. of Leicester, 2010-13), Use of regolith geochemistry and remote sensing to delineate potential gold targets in savanna regions of Ghana

Liam McDonnell: (M.Geol. thesis, 2011), The distribution of tectonically reactivated crust in the Dunhuang region, N China as revealed by satellite imagery and digital topographic data

Isabella Gredzinski: (M.Geol. thesis, 2011), The distribution of tectonically reactivated crust in the Beishan, N China as revealed by satellite imagery and digital topographic data

Howard Daley: (M.Geol. thesis, 2011), Investigation of the three-dimensional architecture and structural and stratigraphic evolution of the Shargyn Basin, western Mongolia

Andrew Bedford: (M.Geol. thesis, 2011), Peneplain remnants in the Cenozoic mountain ranges of Central Asia: Topographic characteristics and tectonic implications

Jamie Walker: (M.Geol. thesis, 2011), Structural and Lithological Controls on the Geomorphology and Geological Evolution of Leicestershire as Revealed by High-Resolution Digital Topographic Data

Anthony Webster: (M.Geol. thesis, 2011), Structural Evolution and Active Faulting of the Junggar Gate, NW China

Michael Williams (M.Geol. thesis, 2010), Fluvial fans and transpressional basins of western Mongolia

Daniel Wagstaff (M.Geol. thesis, 2010), The structural significance of D3 kink bands in the deformed metasediments at Rhoscolyn, Holy Island, Anglesey

Sarah Owen: (Ph.D., U. of Leicester, 2009-12), Geological origins of sugar loaf peaks in eastern Brazil and their environmental importance as refugia for Atlantic rain forest preservation. University of Leicester, University of the Year Scholarship

Dr Zhang Jin: (2008-9), Royal Society Postdoctoral Fellow: Active Tectonics of the Beishan, China

Andy McCluskey: (M.Geol. thesis, 2009), The Swithland Slates of NW Leicestershire: Structure, metamorphism, and historical importance as an economic resource

Abigail Hackston: (M.Geol. thesis, 2009), The Active Tectonics of the Stanovoy Belt, Eastern Siberia

Sarah Owen: (M.Geol. thesis, 2009), Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Hazards in Northern Tibet and the Easternmost Tien Shan

Scott Dempsey: (M.Geol. thesis, 2008), Igneous Geochemistry of Mesozoic Lavas in the Northern Gobi Altai, Mongolia: A product of Continental Rifting, a Mantle Plume, or both?

Thomas Roworth: (M.Geol. thesis, 2008), Active Deformation and Geological Evolution of the Tarbagatay Range, Western China

Stephen Grebby, (Ph.D., U. of Leicester, 2007-2010) Application of airborne LIDAR to fault mapping, structural analysis, and identification of fracture controlled mineralisation, Slovenia and Cyprus. NERC CASE

Douwe van Hinsbergen, NERC Postdoctoral Fellow: Mesozoic-Cenozoic Basin Evolution, Gobi Altai, Mongolia

Abdullah Bamousa, (Ph.D., U. of Leicester, 2004-2007), Structural evolution of the Carmel Head thrust system, Anglesey, Wales

Nick Roberts: (M.Geol. thesis, 2006), Application of Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Digital Elevation Data to Understanding Processes of Intracontinental Mountain Building and Basin Evolution, Mongolia

Kay Phillips (M.Geol. thesis, 2004), Petrography of a Devonian Sedimentary Succession from Omni Hayrhan Uula, Mongolian Altai

Natasha Lee (M.Geol. thesis, 2004), Metamorphic geology and U-Pb dating of granite emplacement, Mongolian Altai.

Stephen Rippington (Ph.D., U. of Leicester, 2003-2007) The structural geology of the Nemegt Range, Mongolia: Implications for the development of hydrocarbon traps adjacent to restraining bends and within transpressionally inverted rift basins. NERC CASE

Vanja Kastelic (Ph.D., U.of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2003-2008) Structural evolution and seismotectonic character of the Ravne Fault, NW Slovenia.

James Blight (Ph.D., U. of Leicester, 2002-2006) Batholith hosted porphyry copper deposits of the Gobi Desert, Mongolia: Towards a predictive model. NERC CASE

Arjan Dijkstra, Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, 2000-2003, Basement geology of the Mongolian Altai

James Howard (Ph.D., U. of Leicester, 2000-2003) Basin evolution in the Mongolian Altai

Robert Ganis (Ph.D., U. of Leicester, 2001-2003) Biostratigraphic controls on the emplacement history of the Hamburg Klippe, Pennsylvania

Kathryn Moores (M.Geol. thesis, 2003) U-Pb dating of Mongolian Altai granitoids: Timing constraints on basement deformation and crustal assembly

David Clifford (M.Geol. thesis, 2003) The intermediate and felsic volcanic rocks of Tugal Nuur, western Mongolia: Geochemical characteristics and tectonic significance

Neil Ford (M.Geol. thesis, 2002) Remote sensing study of the Beishan, China

James Blight (M.Geol. thesis, 2002) Geology of the Tolbo Nuur Iron Skarn Deposit, western Mongolia

Michael Cottam (M.Geol. thesis, 2000) Active tectonics and geomorphology of the southern Caucasus region, Georgia, a remote sensing analysis.

James Duggleby (M.Geol. thesis, 2000) Alluvial basins in the Mongolian Gobi Desert: their remote sensing expression, basin geology, hydrogeology and agricultural potential.

Michael Rose (BSc. Dissertation, 2000) Landslides in the Castleton/Edale region, Peak District.

Craig Buchan (Ph.D., U. of Leicester, 1997-2001) Mongolian ophiolites: Their role in the Palaeozoic crustal growth of Central Asia. NERC supported

Stephen Donnegan (MSc. U. of Leicester, 1998) An investigation into potential tectonic activity within the Gobi Altai Mountains of Mongolia using Landsat MSS and SIR-C.

Lucy Porritt (BSc. Dissertation, 1999) An assessment of gold occurrences in southern Mongolia involving Landsat image interpretations

Joe Rydell (BSc. Dissertation, 1999): A RADAR image interpretation of the Sub-Andean petroleum basins of northern South America

Thomas Wiggins (BSc. Dissertation, 1999): Geological investigation of the Black Ven near Lyme Regis, Dorset: Active mass wasting and implications for future coastal hazards

Ben Kennedy (BSc. Dissertation, 1997) A remote sensing study of the geology and current tectonic activity of the Bayangobi region, Central Mongolia.


PH.D.s EXAMINED (non-supervisees)


Chris Wilcox, 2011, Eruptive, Magmatic and Structural Evolution of a Large Explosive Caldera Volcano: Los Humeros, Central Mexico, University of Leicester

Vanja Kastelic, 2008, Seismotectonic Research of the Ravne Fault and the 1998 and 2004 Earthquakes in the Upper Posocje, Slovenia, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Timothy Kinnaird, 2008, Tectonic and sedimentology response to diachronous continental collision in the easternmost Mediterranean, Cyprus, University of Edinburgh

Graham Andrews, 2006, Emplacement and deformation of high-temperature tuffs: a structural analysis of the Grey's landing ignimbrite, Snake River plain, Idaho, University of Leicester

Andrew Mason, 2003, The South Harris Igneous Complex, University ofLeicester

Annette McGrath, 1999, Structural and Geochemical Evolution of an Extensional Metamorphic Core Complex, Paros, Greece, University of Leicester.