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Yellowstone Volcanic Features - Photos


Photos of Yellowstone Volcanic Features



Yellowstone Plateau


columnar jointed rhyolite - western caldera rim area


Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Lower Falls in distance


Lower Yellowstone Falls


Hydrothermally altered silicic volcanics, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


erupting geyser with caldera rim in distance


Old Faithful geyser erupting


distant geysers


bison and distant geysers


geyser eruption


geyser close-up


information board at Yellowstone


thermal pool near Yellowstone lakeshore


Hot springs along Yellowstone lakeshore


Information Board along Yellowstone lakeshore


thermal springs near Yellowstone Lake


hot springs along Yellowstone lake shore


Hot Spring


Huge hot spring



Hot spring thermophilic life


Hot springs


thermal pool



Grand Prismatic Spring Information Board


Mammoth Hot Springs travertine terraces


sinter mound


another hissing thermal spring