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Fieldtrip Teaching Photos

Wyoming/Idaho Trips



2019 EES group above Fremont Lake, Wind River Range, WY (photo by D. Hyatt)



2019 EES group in Craters of the Moon NM, Idaho




EES Group, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, 2015



At Old Faithful, Yellowstone, 2015


Arizona Trips

at Ooh-Aah Point, Grand Canyon



In the San Francisco Volcanic Field, N Arizona



2017 group at Ooh-Aah Point


At Windy Point, Santa Catalinas, Tucson, 2017



Iceland Trip

EES group in front of the  Kviarjokull Glacier, southern Iceland


On the plate boundary at Thingvellir


Tumulus Team, Reykjanes Peninsula


Connecticut Field Trips

Strange compass techniques, Diana's Pool, Chaplin, CT

Collecting structural data at Diana's Pool, Chaplin, CT


Pomeroy State Park fieldtrip, Lebanon, CT

Structural geology action men, Pomeroy State Park, Lebanon, CT

UK Field Trips

My final Anglesey group, spring, 2012

Anglesey, Wales, 2011


Holly, Catherine and Chris, Anglesey, 2011



Group photo, Anglesey, 2008



Group Photo, Anglesey, 2007

Anglesey, 2010

Sermon on the Mount, Holy Island, Wales, 2010



bedding vs foliation trends, Anglesey

Spain Field Trips

High above the Tabernas Basin, Spain, 2011



Group Photo, Sorbas Basin, Spain, 2010



Students at Sopalmo, Carboneras Fault Zone, SE Spain, 2009



Leicester Lads, Cobdar, Spain, 2006



Group Photo, Cobdar, 2006

Mapping training, Tabernas Basin

Fabian and Amy, Tabernas Mapping Exercise, 2008


Nijar - good carbonate stratigraphy exposures



Group photo, Urra, 2006


Group Photo, Urra, 2007