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Useful Links


The following webpages are very useful Structural Geology and Tectonics Sites


 1) Earth Science World Image Bank:

2) Rick Allmendinger's webpage with loads of structural geology data analysis software and animations to download:

3) Geological Society of America, Structural Geology and Tectonics Division:

4) Geological Society of London Tectonic Studies Group:

5) Haakon Fossen's e-learning material to complement his excellent textbook:

6) European Geosciences Union Division on Tectonics and Structural Geology:


The following webpages are useful Mineralogy Sites


1) Excellent minerals database:

2) Minerals Education Coalition:

3) mineral and locality database:

4) Basic Mineralogy Encyclopedia entry:

5) Mineral class images and information:

6) Geology and Planetary Science On-line Encyclopedia - some useful material:

7) Steven Dutch's Crystal Structure page:

8) Steven Dutch's Rocks and Minerals - Resources:

9) On-line optical mineralogy teaching resources:

10) Cochise College - good virtual geology museum including mineral photos:

11) Mineralpedia - photo database and identification guide:

12) Minerals Education Coalition - Periodic Table of the Elements and Mineral Chemistry - very useful and has links to information on mining careers:

13) American Gem Trade Association Webpage - good gem information source -

14) Hyperphysics Minerals Site based out of Georgia State - excellent source of information on large number of mineral species, alphabetized and divided by mineral class:

15) Windows to the Universe - Earth site - great resource for Earth and Planetary Sciences including a huge variety of educational imagery and maps, climate change info, etc:

16) Excellent web resource on Gemology and Gemology courses:

17) Minerals in thin-section:

18) Mineral Collecting in the US - Index - starting point: