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William Dickson Cunningham

Environmental Earth Science

Professor Cunningham is an internationally recognized expert on global tectonics and mountain building processes, with 35 years of field experience working in Central Asia, the Andes, Alps, Antarctica and the southwestern United States. His 85+ major publications have been cited more than 5,200 times and he has presented lectures at international conferences in more than 15 countries. Prior to arriving at Eastern, he worked as Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester in England for 18 years.

Research Interests
  • Evolution and Geological Architecture of Mountain Ranges
  • Fault Systems and Earthquake Hazards
  • Tectonic History of Connecticut
Of Note

In 2019, Professor Cunningham received the ECSU Distinguished Professor Award.

In 2017, Professor Cunningham was an invited keynote speaker at two major conferences and was one of only 50 speakers at the prestigious 50th Anniversary of Plate Tectonics Meeting in London.

Teaching Interests
  • Structural Geology
  • Mineralogy/Petrology
  • Field Geology/Global Field Courses

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