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Fieldwork Photos in W. China

North Tibetan Foreland Images

Faulted N front of Sanweishan

Lunch break, N front of Sanweishan

Tilted Pleistocene fanglomerates, N front of Sanweishan

N Tibetan mountain front and high peaks of the Qilian Shan

Fold and thrust belt along N Tibetan front near Yumen

Rural settlements along N Tibetan margin, Qilian Shan in distance

Beishan Images



Granite summits, Beishan

Zhang Jin with local man, Beishan, 2009

Regionally refolded Permian turbiditic sediments, Beishan, 2009

Regionally refolded folds, Beishan, 2009

Open syncline, refolded Permian turbidite succession, Beishan

refolded folds from space, Beishan

Refolded folds, central Beishan

Bedding (shallow), cleavage (steep), deformed Permian turbidite succession, Beishan

bedding/cleavage relations, deformed Beishan turbidite succession

Pencil cleavage, Permian turbidite succession, Beishan

Cross-cutting dike, Beishan

boudinage, central Beishan

unroofing joints, granite, Beishan

Zhang Jin in steep canyon, N flank Yushi Shan, Beishan, 2009


normal faulted SW Langshan mountain front

Langshan footwall

rugged granite terrain of the central Langshan

impressive granitic dike swarm, central Langshan

typical slot canyon of the SW Langshan (photo by Zhang Jin)

steep Langshan slot canyon

steep Langshan slot canyon at mtn front

Langshan bounding normal fault, SW range front

Langshan footwall block

paleoseismological trench across SW Langshan frontal normal fault

intrafolial isoclinal folds, Langshan basement gneisses

folded basement gnesisses, Langshan

Overthrust zone (Cretaceous red beds in footwall), SW Langshan

inner Langshan canyon scenery

Helan Shan

steep east front of Helan Shan

extremely coarse alluvial bedload, eastern Helan Shan front

east dipping turbidites, eastern Helan Shan front


bharal, eastern Helan Shan

folds in Helan Shan

folded and tilted turbidite succession, inner Helan Shan

High peaks of the inner Helan Shan and hair-raising walkway to summit

new friend, Helan Shan cave

major overtrhrust NW Helan Shan

coal-rich succession, NW Helan Shan

extensional front, western Helan Shan

eroded frontal fans, western Helan Shan front

View E of the western Helan Shan mountain front

Northernmost Tibet

Changma Basin and Daxue Shan in distance

Glacier front, Daxue Shan

Daxue Shan view

view S across folded foreland sediments, N Tibetan front

along north Tibetan margin, 2009

Tibetan traffic jam

On the Altyn Tagh Fault - wide breccia zone, N Margin Tibet

approach to Changma Basin and Daxue Shan range in far distance

me and view towards eastern Altun Shan, north Tibet margin

Changma Basin scenery