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Other Academic Activities




2014 GSA Structural Geology/Tectonics Symposium: Contrasting Styles of Phanerozoic Intracontinental Tectonics: North America vs. Asia

2012 EGU Continental Transform Symposium, Vienna

2012 EGU Transpressional Deformation Symposium, Vienna

2009 EGU Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning and geomorphology: possibilities, problems, and solutions, Symposium, Vienna.

2007 EGU Active Tectonics of Circum-Adriatic Region Symposium, Vienna

2006 EGU Mountain Building Processes Symposium, Vienna

2005 3-Day Conference on "The Tectonics of Restraining Bend and Releasing Bends in Continental and Oceanic Settings", Burlington House London, main organizer with Paul Mann

2005 EGU Indo-Eurasia Collision Symposium, Vienna

2002 TSG Annual Meeting, Leicester, UK, main organizer

2000 Central Asia tectonics symposium, Geosciences 2000, Manchester

1997 Leicester Visiting Speaker Seminar Programme

1995 GSA Global Tectonics symposium, New Orleans




2018 - Editor, Encyclopedia of Geology, Elsevier (Regional Geology Section)

2015 - Editorial Board for Lithosphere

2014 - Geological Society of America Representative to American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Consortium of Affiliates for International Programs

2006-2013 Editorial Board for Journal of Asian Earth Sciences

1999-2013 Editorial Board for Tectonophysics

2010 Journal of Geodynamics, Guest Editor

2007 Special Publication Editor, Geological Society

2011-13 EGU Tectonics and Structural Geology Committee, Leader of strike-slip tectonics theme

2002-7 European Commission COST-Action 625: Active Faults: Analysis, Processes and Monitoring, served as UK representative on Management Committee

1997-0 IGCP 420 participant, Crustal growth in the Phanerozoic: evidence from east-central Asia

1997 IGCP 400 participant, Geodynamics of Continental Rifting

2009-2012, Appointed Visiting Examiner to Earth Sciences Sub-Board of Examiners, Royal Holloway, University of London

2011 Tectonic Studies Group, Geological Society of London Panel Judge for best student mapping project and poster session

2003-2006 Secretary to Tectonic Studies Group, Geological Society of London



At Eastern Connecticut State University


ECSU Co-Chair Employability Council, 2018-2021

ECSU Chair, Department of Environmental Earth Science 2017-2020

ECSU Assistant Chair, Department of Environmental Earth Science 2015-17

ECSU Academic Program Review Committee 2015-18

ECSU Campus Master Plan Committee, 2015-2016

ECSU Faculty Scholars Forum Organizer, 2015-19

ECSU Faculty Advisor, Theta Upsilon Chapter of SGE National Honor Society in the Earth Sciences, 2018-

ECSU Latin American Council, 2016-18

ConnSCU TRANSFORM 2020 – Portfolios of Excellence Committee Member, 2014-15

ECSU Liberal Studies Major Advisory Committee 2014-

ECSU Senator, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, 2014-16

ECSU Summer Curriculum Development Committee, 2014 -

ECSU Department Representative for ASRCE/CREATE Comm. 2012-2014 (Chair in 2014-15 & 2015-16)

ECSU Elementary Education Interdepartmental Task Force, 2013-2014

ECSU Faculty Development Committee, 2013-15

ECSU Alternate Faculty Senator, 2013-14

ECSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Advisory Council, 2013-2015

ECSU Honorary Degree Committee, Chair: 2013-2015

ECSU Department Library Point Person 2012-2019

ECSU Tenure-Track Search Committee 2012-2013

ECSU Special Education Task Force, 2012-2013


Previously, at the University of Leicester, UK:

Departmental Teaching Director 2009-2012

University Academic Committee, 2009-2012

Departmental Examination Officer 2006-2009

Departmental Research Director 2003-2005

Founder and Leader of Orogenic Processes Research Group

Departmental Admissions Tutor, 1997-2001

Departmental Careers Tutor, 1996-2000

Departmental Postgraduate Tutor, 1996-2000

Member of Department Learning and Teaching Committee, Research Committee, Fieldwork Committee, Safety Committee, Computer Committee, University Widening Participation Programme Committee

Department Safety Officer on field trips.