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Mongolian landscapes


The photos below provide examples of the diverse landscapes and natural scenery that we encountered on our Mongolian field expeditions between 1994-2012.



countryside near Ulaan Baatar


open steppe, central Mongolia

Valley of Lakes, Central Mongolia

campsite, Valley of Lakes

Hangay foothills

Top of Hangay

Tariat cinder cone, central Mongolia

Mongolia-China border range, Altai

Monkh Hayrhan, Altai - highest peak in Mongolia

Altai Camp with Sair Uul in distance

road near Sair Uul, Altai

road near Chinese border, Altai

High valley, Altai

view towards Tsambagarav Massif, Altai

High Valley, Mengildyk Nuruu

Valley glacier in Tsambagarav Massif, Altai

Yaks in Tsambagarav Range, Mongolian Altai

Shargyn Basin, western Mongolia

Dzereg Basin, Altai region

Gobi Altai view

Tilted lavas south of Artsa Bogd, Gobi Altai

SE Mongolia Gobi region SW of Sainshand

Empty desert of SW Mongolia near Ikhin Gol

desert scene, eastern Gobi Altai

granite wilderness, Gobi Altai

dike ridges, northern Gobi Altai

desert springs north of Altan Uul, southern Gobi Altai