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Faults and Kinematic Indicators


Normal Faults

normal fault, Apennines, Italy

normal fault, Utah

listric normal fault, eastern California

conjugate normal faults in marble quarry, eastern Brazil


large normal fault cutting through redbed sequence, Sierra Alhamilla, Spain

close-up of fault shown in photo above, Tabernas Basin, Sierra Alhamilla foothills, Spain

normal fault, Tabernas Basin, Spain

Normal fault, Isla Gordon, S Chile

Normal faults, Gobi Altai, Mongolia



Normal Fault, Ih Bogd, Mongolia

Various normal faults, Mongolia



  Thrust Faults

Nemegt Range thrust front, Mongolia

Altan Huhey Range thrust front, Altai, Mongolia

Nanjieshan thrust front, China

thrust fault, Mongolia Altai

small thrust fault with fault propagation fold, Gobi Altai, Mongolia

Andean frontal thrust fault near Mendoza, Argentina

thrust fault in limestones, southern China

thrust core zone



 Faults - Strike-slip



Ravne Fault Zone, Julian Alps, Slovenia - Case Study


Ravne Fault Zone, Slovenia

along-strike segmentation

Tolminka Springs Basin view NW

Satellite view of small transtensional stepover

fault zone views near Kanin

Fault core with sheared and striated surfaces

brecciated and fluid altered core

Tolminka Springs embryonic pull-apart basin along the Ravne Fault

Fault Surfaces and Fault Rocks

Carboneras Fault Core, Sopalmo, Spain

Thick gouge zone in Carboneras Fault Zone, SE Spain

gouge close-up, Carboneras F.Z, SE Spain

Gouge zone in steep fault, SE Spain

Inner core of Carboneras Fault, Sopalmo, SE Spain

Tsambagarav frontal fault zone, Altai Mongolia

Thrust zone, Artsa Bogd, Mongolia

Fault Drag

fault drag, Tabernas Basin, Spain

Two more examples of fault drag

fault drag close-up

Fault Slickenlines

All examples below are from summer 2015 fieldwork in the Helan and Shuozi Shan, western China